Monday, March 3, 2008

Deaf and Illegal Immigrant?

*rant on*

Not a G'day Everyone!

One of the most stupid things I've ever seen to happen in my life time. Here's the topic, lifted from :


Deaf, No Social Security Number. Work?

It was bound to happen sooner or later. I just had a request for help from a probably illegal deaf alien. She wrote that she is deaf, and has no social security number and was born in Mexico City. Her baby was born here. She asked if deaf people can work without a social security number.
I wrote back: Sorry, I can't help you. Consider going back to Mexico City with your baby. Or, you can try to get a green card or work permit.
Question from your guide: If you knew about a deaf illegal alien in your area, would you report that person to the authorities so they could initiate deportation? ...or would you guide them towards getting a green card or work permit?


My response for Ms.Berke the guide: This person has serious problems. How can this illegal deaf immigrant wound up here in America, took advantage of our health care services to have the birth of her child (which is now a US citizen for a fact), and has the big balls of a bull to ask around of where to work since she doesn't have a green card or a social security number? That's like a person shouting: "Hey! Look at me! I'm an Illegal immigrant here! I had a kid here! I took advantage of every thing America offers for FREE! I'm proud to be deaf! So now that my kid's a citizen.. where can I work?".
First of all in answering Ms. Berke's question, I'd report to the Federal Homeland Security so that she should be deported WITHOUT HER KID. But since she has this baby born here, which by the fact that it's a U.S. Citizen, this person would have to talk to the local social services where she had her kid. I'm more than angry that thousands of illegal immigrants come here to the USA and strain the health care system so much, it's no wonder the costs of health insurance is sky rocketing!

I want to go further and say this clearly: If you are a Deaf Illegal immigrant already here in the USA and you do not have a green card, or any other clearance to work here in the USA, please consider going back home and entering the USA in a normal manner.

At the present time, economic conditions are getting bad. With gas and food prices on the rise, I really worry how illegal immigrants are going to live. If they are not here legally, I would hate for them to be arrested and be paraded on the news. Towns are beginning to challenge the high court and pass laws that force illegal immigrants to move on. That is to say "illegal immigrants: DON'T STAY IN MY BACK YARD! MOVE ON!". (Hazelton, PA is considering to fight back again after the high court struck down their recent illegal immigrant laws).

Some people are reporting illegal immigrants to Homeland Security. People want this country to be safe. Illegal immigrants, please go back home!
Mexico is fighting about our wall that is being built. Well that wall is there for a practical purpose: Stopping the wave of Illegal Immigrants from coming in! It's sad that Mexico isn't doing anything to encourage their citizens to stay in Mexico. Human Smugglers are taking advantage of huge risks to make a profit to bring these Illegal Immigrants as far as they can do it. When they get caught, it's news worthy. But sad to say, someone once told me: "When smuggler is caught, 10 more take his place".
Illegal immigrants ought to be told clearly that USA is NOT "The promised land" anymore. It's not the land of milk and honey either. It's the land that's already been built by American citizens and legal immigrants of their own blood, sweat, and tears. No illegal immigrant has the right to come in and take it for their own. The great American melting pot is cracking. It has been breaking apart since 9/11/2001.

I like one of the local candidates who's running for election. He's got a great plan. What is that plan of his? Simple 2 point plan.

1. If Illegal immigrant gets arrested for a crime, it's automatic deportation as soon as courts get through with him and gets slapped with a "PERSONA NON GRATA". (You are "NOT WELCOME BACK" or DON'T BOTHER COMING BACK HERE!).

2. New legal immigrant citizens MUST BE ABLE TO READ, WRITE, and SPEAK ENGLISH!!

This is a guy I want to see elected to congress. As soon as I remember his name, I'll update this post.
As for this dear young illegal immigrant lady on the post: I urge her to put her kid up for adoption and then get right back over the border and then contact the State Department in Mexico to come in the USA the proper way. She might have had the right idea to bring her kid here to give birth, but it's wrong. Damn wrong. Morally wrong. She's just another cast-off by Mexico that has been letting it's people come here without identification. All USA can do is arrest them for being an illegal immigrant and send them back home to Mexico.
When will this madness end? Or at the most, when do we start invading Mexico and give them the same taste of medicine (reverse illegal immigration) that Mexico has been shipping to us? Will Mexico then learn their lesson? They might not. Then again, when a very bad incident is about to happen one day between USA and Mexico, dig a fox hole and duck hard!
*rant off*


mishkazena said...

Don't you realize this discriminate legal Deaf immigrants? They may be able to read and write English, but not speak English?

Sherlock Steve said...

If Legal Deaf Immigrants can SIGN in ASL, then that would be the loophole in the law if they can't speak it. Learning ASL should be important as well.

mishkazena said...

No, the bill dictate that they speak i.e. using voice. There is no loophole here.

You shouldn't be supporting the bill as it is since it discriminate against people who are unable to speak.

Sam said...

well, there is no official language in US. Just let you know.

Sherlock Steve said...

A senator has in the past proposed that English be an offical language. Several states and local towns already make either a offical language or in some place, a required 2nd language to speak.

As I once was aware long ago, immigrants knew they had to take up English as a language when they arrived. It was just a common sense of fact. Now it may have to become mandatory to do as many are trying to make our nation into a confused multi-cultural language zone. Easier to speak english than a hodge podge of langage.