Saturday, March 15, 2008

end of Lent season/ Farewell to LVAD!

G'day Everyone!

Well, the days of Lent season is coming to an end and tomorrow begins the HOLY days of the year. So, no matter how you celebrate the end of Lent season, make sure you honor God first.
So, for all of you readers: I wish you a happy, blessed, and praise full of Easter week!
HEY!! Keep your hands out of my basket! That candy's all MINE!! :-)

Meanwhile, I got word, a few weeks ago, that Montoursville, PA has lost a deaf institution. A few years ago, the Lycoming Valley Association for the Deaf (LVAD) moved out of a historic church which has now been converted into a "home". It was the beginning of the end. Finally, on March 1st, 2008 LVAD finally went into history. I was told of the final meeting. Unfortunately, I could not be there due to a conflict of other obligations that I had to attend to. But, it was the end of LVAD. The deaf club could not survive because membership and interest in deaf events decreased. All the deaf community members have spread out to other cities in the PA area.

I ask you, that have a deaf club in your own community in this wonderful nation of ours, that you keep attending your local deaf club. Volunteer to help out! Plan events! Attend the meetings and make suggestions on how to IMPROVE the deaf club! Set up fund raising events! Above all, keep your deaf club alive as much as you can! I don't care how small our deaf community gets with the Internet and blogsphere, social networking happens more when there's a deaf club and people that enjoy each other and signing in person!

So, I hope many deaf clubs stay alive. We need them more than ever as much as we need our deaf schools.

Note to Gov. Paterson: The next time you open your mouth to be honest, do yourself a favor. Shut it and confess to God alone. One day into the Governorship and stupid speaks. When Eliot's term is over, Paterson gets the boot, unless the NY Assembly launches an ethics probe next.


Just have a Semper FI Holy days.

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