Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Paddy's day.

G'day Everyone!

It seems I took a weekend off from things. It was kind of good to do that. Even bloggers need a break from blogging. I had a chance to go Green and Gold and partied a bit.

Micah Brown has been busy in his own blog. He's been busy with things. Just check out his web page listed on the side. If there's a shamrock political luck out there, it'll happen for some people.

Lately, I've heard disasters happen. Atlanta, Georgia got hit with a tornado for the first time in history! Bad as it sounds, it was ugly. A lot of things got destroyed there. So, be careful in the downtown Atlanta area for a while. It was unfortunate that two people got killed there. May the shamrock winds blow gentle.

Meanwhile, In New York City, hearing the biggest industrial accident that involved a crane has to be the WORST thing to see! How could these idiot construction workers do this? Don't they know the meaning of the word: SAFETY? Safety is JOB ONE! I'm hope that the Federal probe will reveal that these workers plain forgot to do something safe when they raised the crane to the next level. Construction in NYC is at an all time booming rate. But safety ought to be a major priority. I expect lawyers are going to be making some massive lawsuits that will tie up the city in court for years to come. UGH. I hope my friend is ok! May the shamrock leaf heal the City of NY.

"Love me do" is NO MORE! The worst bitter divorce case will cost Paul McCarthy to pay a whopping $50 million dollars, while his 4 year old kid gets $70,000. Let's face it. Heather Mills knew what she was doing. She was GOLD DIGGING! She struck pay day. She won lots of money. But, will she be happy beyond this? She better go to confession often. She will NEVER be happy. No more Love for her! Period. I give her the shamrock curse on her. Fortune will FLEE from her forever!

Back to NY State: Today is the day that Gov. Eliot Spitzer steps down for good. The son of a bitch leaves his job for whatever the political winds blow him to. Today is the day that Lt. Governor Paterson gets sworn in to become the next NY State Governor. It will be a historical day in NY. Paterson will be the first African American and the first disabled man to be a governor! It will mark that New York State will get better! Governor Patterson will be hitting the ground running and doing all that he can do to insure that NY State has a good economic transition. Semper FI Gov. Paterson! May good fortune shine upon you of this St. Paddy's day!

So, a Happy St. Paddy's day to all of you, my dear readers. If anyone has a job interview today (I wish I did.. but I got two interviews later this week), may good fortune shine upon you to get the job.

Semper LUCK FI to you all!

I'd like to point out that someone gave an unkind report on me. Shame on him. Many people may not like me, but let me say what I have to say:

Paterson will be the first blind governor of NY. According to that person: FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1928-1932) was first disabled governor of NY.

And to the person who left that unkind comment: I'll appreciate you e-mailing me so we could talk about it. I appreciate people helping me. You hadn't done that. Shame on you. May your luck not hold out for the rest of the day for ya!

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