Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Message: Onions on a plane, JAIL OLSEN, DBC

G'day Everyone!

Today's Easter message: Hope you don't get badly egged!

Onions on a plane? Remind me not to have my beef put on a plane if my onions are not the same plane! Dang it, I love my onions! Why didn't they just FedEX them?

One of the WORST bloopers to happen for a lucky break for Sarah Jane Olsen. . As it was reported by CNN that Olsen was released on St. Paddy's day, she had 5 full days to consider going back into hiding again. But luck of the draw when John Law makes sure that people who are released are the ones who have served their time. Olsen didn't serve all of her time. Now, one must consider of writing to the parole board that her 5 day "vacation" from jail should be considered temptations to hide and insure to deny her real release on March 17, 2009. I hope that she stays put and serves out all of her prison time. She got lucky that some trigger happy cop didn't get the chance to take revenge for all the cops she killed in the 1970s.
But some day she will be forgiven first, then released. But not this time.

Finally, I'm happy to say I was listening to the rally at the California AGBell State conference. For details: . I'm glad things went well out there! Great job, DBC!

Happy Easter out there! May you have a blessed Semper FI Sunday!


Barb DiGi said...

Yes, DBC is making great progress and it will continue to do so.

Need to make one correction: Sarah Olson (not Olsen) did not kill a cop but was part of the conspiracy to plan on bombing the police cars. One customer got killed not the cops. See

"Olson had served about six years behind bars for her role in incidents in 1975: the attempted bombing of two police cars and the shooting death of a customer during a bank robbery.

Prosecutors said she was part of an SLA plot to murder Los Angeles police officers by planting bombs under their squad cars.

One of the cars was parked outside a crowded Hollywood restaurant. The bombs did not go off, and no one was hurt."

Sherlock Steve said...

barb digi..
Thank you.. my mistake on the Olson/Olsen. dang..I needs some glasses.. but the police unions were very opposed to her early release.

Again, thank you for taking time to correct me. *SALUTE* KEEP DBC STRONG!

also.. SALUTE to Robert Goodwin for informing that my two polls got mixed up. *augh* Hopefully they'll work now. PLEASE VOTE thanks.


Barb DiGi said...

Hey, that's why we are humans and we do make mistakes, smiles! As long as we correct them and avoid making the same mistakes! Keep on blogging!