Monday, March 10, 2008

Post-DPN20, take two bottles of water and get high!

Good day Everyone!

Well, I relaxed on Sunday. Wasn't in the mood to post anything. Several people e-mailed me of how much I missed of the DPN20 day in DC area on the campus of Gallaudet University. Everyone had a blast of a great time. But importantly, the work isn't done and we're fighting for the deaf future generations to come. In 5 years it will be a better mile stone of DPN25! So a MAJOR SEMPER FI SALUTE to DPN20! Hail to those still protesting in Buffalo, NY area!

Meanwhile: it was several months ago, I remembered an Internet chatter of a chat room between a few users that went something like a joke:

"Hey dude! Let's get high today!"
"Are you kidding man? We don't have the cash! Cops are almost always undercover and making sting buys! Look what happened to Andy!"
"Chill out, Bro! I found another way we can get our high for free!"
"Ok, yer weirded out. But do tell me HOW this is happening and free!"
"Feel the love, dude.. right from the faucet of the sink!"
"Say what?"
"Yep! There's a taste of a way to get high, if you drink a lot of TAP WATER!"

At that time, I was laughing. I said to myself: What a riot. Drugs in the water. What a joke!
But then, this past weekend, CNN and other major news organizations have been blaring this incredulous blockbuster of information:

In major cities across the nation, drugs are in the water!! I was surprised of this report. I felt like suddenly, the Internet chatter I heard some months ago is no longer such an idle joke.
So how much will this impact people in the cities? In a very big way.
The news report is kind of say how much we drink of water containing drugs, but what about cooking, washing dishes, washing clothes in this drug infested water? Is water any safe at all?

Will there be a formal exodus from the cities to the country where water is pure in the mountains? Probably not. But people who live in the cities might want to have their doctor draw blood samples and have it tested every 6 months. It's scary to know that we are no longer confident of "pure water".

I can tell you that I despise living in the city. I've tasted city water. BLEAH! I nearly went with bottled water every day. So why do mayors in thousands of cities tell their staff to drink from the tap water lines instead of bottled water? I'd tell those mayors right off, clip out of the paper or print off the CNN news and shove it their face and say "if you can't promise me CLEAN DRUG FREE WATER, then I'm staying with my BOTTLED WATER!". There goes sanity! But is bottled water better? That depends.

I've lived in the country, folks. I loved my well water! It was natural, refreshing! It made me feel that I was at peace with nature! I would even freeze a few bottles of my well water and on a hot day, I'd take up to my fields of my mountain farm, spread a blanket under a nice shady tree and lay there, drinking that pure wholesome water. I loved that country life. I wasn't worried then about the quality of drinking water in the country.

Today, in every city in USA is now worried about the security of drinking water. We all feared that some day that terrorists would try a bio-terror attack on our drinking water supply. But given the level that drugs are already in our nation's water supply already, it's too late for that to happen.
So how does the Federal Government proposes to use their science to use it's knowledge to purify the water and remove all the drugs? Adding more chemicals is NOT an option at all. But it's sad. The water that this nation has enjoyed is now tainted.

Someday, I may make a move back to the country where I'll drill a well and enjoy pure water again. Life in the country may be dull, compared to the city. But give me the country where nature and man can live as one.

Semper FI.

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Lisa C. said...

I have seen the same story from the Bottled water comes from tap water.