Sunday, March 2, 2008

back at the blog, NCSD fallout, HEY JERRY COVELL!

G'weekend, Everyone!

WOW! I'm so glad a friend invited me to a sportsman's banquet at his hometown. It was one of the best time you can go and really try some DIFFERENT type of WILD LIFE meat. Ever eat some Caribou steak dinner? They had two versions of it. One was SLOW roasted. The other was BBQ grilled. I had the slow roasted one and OH MY GOSH! I felt like I was really eating some delicious wild life meat. But wait! Grab that BBQ grilled Caribou steak! OH MAN OH MAN!! I felt like I died and had some serious venison meal! Who ever made it obviously knew what they were doing!!

I went to a local deaf expo on Saturday with my friend in Hatboro, PA (that's just outside of Philly). Not a big one, but small enough. It turned out to be a pretty good gathering of all the local deaf community who heard about the local deaf expo by word of mouth. It was basically the local deaf vendors selling their crafts and wares. I meet some old friends and one of my ex-g/f. That was to be expected.

The weekend storm just blew through and didn't leave enough snow, so I'm able to get home and get back here.

I'm hearing some of the NCSD fallout going on. While the staff members are being prevented from talking to parents of what's been happening, I still think parents are being really concerned. I hope the parents will push back and demand for answers. The need for defending the deaf youth is greater than for NCSD of keeping it's secrets of what they did on the Sunday evening of the 24th of February. Though hearing of a "facts uncovered of NCSD blog", I take no stock in it.

ALERT: HEY! If anyone knows where Mr. Jerry Covell is, they should do all that they can do to make sure that he's informed of his invitation to the DPN20 events! Paging Mr. Jerry Covell! DPN20 will not be complete without you!

Events about the DPN 20 can be found on: and A flyer is available at :

The big event is less than 6 days away! It should be a great evening for all involved to go to this celebration! So if anyone knows where Mr. Jerry Covell is, please tell him to come to DPN20! Don't forget to buy your tickets folks!,,

(this has been made as a personal request to me to post this by someone looking for Mr. Covell. I hope that Mr. Covell gets in touch with his friends asap.)

So, on this point, Please have a great SEMPER FI week! (I know I may be enjoying my week!).

Later gang!

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