Friday, February 29, 2008

The Shocking events of the NCSD

G'day Everyone!

I didn't have much time yesterday other than to break the news that the Director of the North Carolina School for the Deaf has stepped down. Only that it is shocking to know that this director has just been fortunate to move on to better and bigger things! That's an embarrassment!

here's the news link:

But right now, as the director bolts her job, the principal of the school is left holding the bag. Everyone at that school has been on emotional toll this week. I feel sad for these students who's civil rights were violated and right to have a protest denied. This is not an educational system. This is an introduction to rough life of the world of which these students are not prepared for.

I hope the former director changes her mind and leaves her new position untouched. It seems like she made all the attempts to prevent her being ousted early while she was trying to prepare an announcement of her "grand" departure. It seems like no time present to let the information get out already. To be honest to say, I do not want this woman this woman to take any job that might impact on the deaf community of the State of North Carolina!

I hope NCSD will provide counseling to all the affected students involved. This has been a real rough week for these students. If there was an idea for them at the present time, I'd suggest giving these students an early spring vacation. They need some time off from all this.

We should honor these students that made the effort to get the information out and show the Deaf community of what has been happening at the NCSD. I hope all the parents and alumni of the NCSD get together and make an effort to improve the school.

Congratulations to the students of NCSD. May the future be bright for them!

Semper FI!

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