Thursday, March 6, 2008

Battleground PA!; Small NCSD note; The Hatchet's article.

G'day Everyone!

The time is NOW. The weeks of preparing for the invasion of the political people. For the next several weeks, the state of Pennsylvania will be held HOSTAGE by Obama, Clinton, and Nader who will hope to convince people to VOTE IN THEIR FAVOR. To be honest, this is going to get UGLY! Except it's already ugly going on for a possible "re-do overs" (yes, that's get out and VOTE again folks) in Florida and Michigan. How will that affect the on-going race? Prolly not much.

One of the things I had hoped for was McCain to lose a few points to Huckabee and have to come here in PA to stump for the votes. I wanted to play "reporter" and get in with the newspaper mob that would be shouting questions at him. I don't want to tip what questions I'd ask him. But I do want to sit down with this man and ask him some questions of what he'd want to do for the deaf and disabled community if he was elected President. (Huge wish).

Meanwhile, more and more newspapers are picking up on the NCSD story in an "after the fact" basis. The latest newspaper to pick it up as a mini-article:
As long as the word is getting out of how mistreatment happened at NCSD, let's hope that a true reform happens there.

A tipster just sent me a link of an info of an article that's been written about the Gallaudet protest. Here's the link:
FYI: Davila is still only on the job till December 2009. The GU board of trustees must still make a decision on when to start a national search for the next President of Gallaudet University.

A PERSONAL FYI to Gallaudet University Board of Trustees: Hey idiots! Get in touch with the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Board of Trustees and learn how RIT did a national search for their recent President! You could learn some valuable lessons there!

And as I close this article, it is my hope that Gallaudet BOTs will begin a CAREFUL and constructive search for their next President of GU. A search that is done correct and does not rush it will yield positive results like it has for RIT! Sure it takes time, but it's worth all the efforts to a great accomplishment!

On a last note: 2 days to DPN20! WHOO! Big time Celebration!

Semper FI!

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