Friday, March 28, 2008

Terrorism on the road, Micah Brown's Blog

G'day Everyone!

CNN has been reporting about someone shooting at some cars in the southern state of Virginia/ North Carolina area.

Could someone be copycatting the past SNIPER shootings of a few years ago? I wouldn't be surprised.

But if you think sniper fire is what you have to avoid, try this one :

UPDATE: I just heard on the CNN news that they just arrested a person in the sniper case.

The average time at night for a driver to worry about is animals crossing the road. Right? Not when there's TERRORISM "PRANKS" BY KIDS! Kids, who think it's fun to put objects on the road late at night to make an obstacle course for drivers, are practically doing something that is a level of terrorism. They think it's funny to watch drivers have to drive around or crash into the obstacles. To a driver of a car, it's deadly and you have to make an instant decision that can be a life or death reaction. Either a fast rapid avoidance or crash into the obstacle. But in this article, the pranks have resulted in some very bad accidents.

In this case, I hope these teenagers, who have been caught, will be sent to a military boot camp. I have no doubt that the prosecutors of their local court will make an argument of making these kids being home grown terrorists, who are beyond the scope of rehabilitation, and deserve to be in prison for the rest of their lives. What a way to screw up their adult lives. Look back and laugh about it? NOT A FUCKING CHANCE IN SNOW FROZEN HELL!

Meanwhile: Micah Brown has posted a very serious article about 4, 000th death of an American solider. I'm not going to spill his entire blog. But I want you to read it and comment on his site. Every thing that Micah has written would almost be what I would want to say. So, go to Micah Brown's blog and read what he's posted:

So finally to say this: A vote for John McCain would be a vote for President Bush of having a THIRD TERM of his policies. Let's vote for a change! VOTE DEMOCRATIC! (but not Hillary Clinton!).

Semper FI.

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Jim said...

Hate to say this differently. A vote for Democrats is a vote for a return for terrorist attack in the United States. Once the Democrats becomes the President of the United States next January, I would better duck and hide than holding my heads up. Ever since Bush declear war in Iraq, there hasn't been another 9/11 attack in the United States.