Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Trouble Tuesday

G'Evening Everyone!

I just realized that sooner or later I will hit the magic 100th post mark of my blog. I thought I hit it today.. but then went back and eliminated several drafts I had in the works, all except one that is still in the progress of being made. So it's going to be a while.

Super Tuesday election day. Ugh.. I don't care who wins it all. But IMHO: Hillary is not suited for President. Still thinking of Obama be the one. I forsee a Obama and McCain ticket, despite the fact that John McCain doesn't have all the support for the deaf community. (ASK WHY HE DIDN'T SUPPORT UFG!).

Meanwhile, I'm ducking in my fox blog hole and wait out the fight between RLM and JB. It's ugly. Wow.

HEY!! I saw the recent 2007 blog awards posts! http://www.deafread.com/blogawards/2007/results/

What I notice who won the most? Seek Geo has won twice! (congrats Geo!). Olsen Brothers with 3 this year! (great job guys!).

But in my Honest Opinion: I think the best Deaf Cartoon of the 2007 should have been "The Greatest Irony" picture. It expresses our RAGE at the AgBAD very clearly.

My second favorite support on the Deafread awards should have gone to Tom Neville for his "Deaf Lawyer- sue pager" video. (I still laugh about it).

Hey! ASL Expo site has been improved for 2008!! http://www.aslexpo.com/ Check it out!
Next week: say hello to Kansas City, Mo! Wow, great way to kick off the year! And yes, Tom Neville videos are out there! whoo hoo!

Well, I hear the flu season is making rounds in various colleges and homes. Stay warm, get plenty of rest. Stay caught up on homework/work. But most of all..Call MOM_I_Need_Chicken_SOUP_NOW!! :-) (nothing like a good homemade stuff! TLC need!).

So, Semper FI out there!

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