Thursday, February 7, 2008

Driving Bad? You are not alone!

G'day Everyone!

I was doing some surfing on the 'net and I know I said it before some time ago. But the list came out about which cities are the BEST and WORST to drive in!

While the article goes on to describe about road rage (yes, it happens everywhere), I couldn't help but notice on the list that Washington, DC happens to be making the bottom of top 5 worst list! Is DC metro area getting bad to drive in? Yes. No matter how you look at it, it's bad.
No matter how the VDOT (Virginia Dept of Transporation) and MdDOT say how they'll "improve" the roadways with new 'toll' roads for faster high speed driving, that's not going to work.

I talked to several people at times at a Metro stop, VRE stop, and Amtrak stop last Fall that they noticed the beltway rush hours have been increasingly getting worse and that more accidents are happening at a higher rate. These people have decided to step off the gas and park their cars and take the sane Mass Transit tour route. They have said that it gets crowded but beats sitting in the damn car and being frustrated. I do agree and if I had a choice for work, I'd rather take a bus N tube to work!

The best places to drive list : Rounding out in the #2 spot of the top five: Say hello to Pittsburgh, PA! In almost anywhere in PA, drivers are always helping other drivers, even after an accident. Nobody isn't being that aggressive. People are respectful. But there's a main reason why: The State Police and local police stops more drivers and hands out more tickets and is very aggressive in enforcement of driving law!! It's quite clear.

So whever you go driving be aware of one thing: if you think you can drive aggresively in an area where you think police are not around, you better becareful! Just remember, Police are WATCHING you when you least expect it!

Semper FI!

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Jim said...

Welcome to the Driving world of road rage and crazy drivers out there. I have been driving on I-495
which is the Beltway in Washington DC area. Do you know according to the article the average speed of drivers is about 70 plus miles per hours as some goes 100 miles per hour. That will never top Miami, Florida. I don't see Washington DC becoming number one for road rage but it happens just about every where. I would rather drive than deal with increase price on Metro transportation. Beside, where I am going, the public transportation will take more than an hour to get there. So your choice, either drive or let public transportation take you. But you can't control other drivers even riding on the bus. Just be thankful you aren't living in Miami, Florida.