Monday, February 4, 2008

Armchair QB Monday!

G'Afternoon Everyone!

WHOO!! I'm partied out. I slept in my morning. I couldn't believe what a WILD party it was. We laughed, we cried, and we screamed..HARD! It was a football show that produced the LOWEST scores ever. Many people expected a total blow out by the New England Patriots.
Except, it didn't happen.

As I watched the game, they were playing like a different team. But then again, at times during the game, they started to revert back to the old ways of cheating tatics and nearly got successful.
For the New York Giants, they stepped up, preserved, and ultimately added in what I saw was a "knife in the back" right at the Patriots.

It is the biggest upset in the history of Super Bowl! You know what? Many of Sherlock's friends LAUGHED at him and say: New England is going to win! Many of them bet on New England. But now, it's the day after. Who's laughing now? There's a sullen mass of friends that look right at me and can't believe it. Sherlock won! HOW?

To be honest to say it: Perfection doesn't last long. Especially when they (the Patriots) laughed loudly with pride that they were going to beat New York during the preparations weeks before the game. Wow! Pride cometh right before a fall. 18-1. WHOOMP! (is that an indent in the football field? It just might be.)

I'm sad for Bill Belichick. Sore loser, yes. He ran, shook hands, then departed right off the field before the final tick of the clock. They got a LONG off season to deal with. Perhaps, a reason to sit down say "next year, play honest. No spygates!".

Meanwhile: For those who loved and miss those Super Bowl ads: .

I'm sad that Pepsi co choose to air their commercial during the pre-game show, but thankful that the funded the closed captioning!

Favorite Commerical aid of the game: FedEx Monster Pigeons! Alfred Hitchlock would have been PROUD of "THE BIRDS" reprise! But, I liked those helments on the pigeons. Terminator-like devices that made those rats with wings on steroids! Whoo! (duck! here comes a pigeon poop!)

I have two favorite moves I want to watch this summer! Iron Man and Wall-e!

Well, next week won't have a lot of drama in the NFL Pro Bowl. I hope players will have FUN!

Soon, NASCAR season opens on February 17! Go Dale! Beat that step-mom of yours! Don't look for #8. Dale's driving #88 now! Whoo!

Tomorrow, My opinion on Super Tuesday. Ugh. It'll be a interesting day.



Anonymous said...

:-( WAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted the NE Pats to win and now I lost my bet of $7,500!!! (just kidding of the bet) I was hoping that the pats would win cuz of #83 is from Raiderland(lubbock, not LA)


Jim said...

I hope the Patriots get slapped more fine for their past Spygate like they did in the 2002 Superbowl. I would rather see honest teams play than cheat teams.
I am proud the Giants won. I hope next year Super Bowl is as clean as this year was. I sure wish I was in NY to celebrate with the Giants tomorrow. Grins.

Anonymous said...

The Miami Dolphins-Washington Redskins Super Bowl game in 1972 had the lowest score ever for a Super Bowl game: 14-7.