Friday, February 8, 2008

The Titanic AGBELL!/ OMG.. Blooper?

G'day Everyone!

Not since last year's protests (Summer 2007) by the Deaf Bilingual Coalition at an Alexander Graham Bell conference could have been a "managed Public Relations " disaster for AGBELL. Especially when the Marriott Hotel manager sided with AGBELL and yanking the protest flyers from a deaf girl's hands. (Note: that same manager is now working for the White House. )

Starting with Pepsi Co. working with NAD to produce "Bob's House" (a pepsi advertisement), the AGBELL seems to come out and "spank" the Pepsi Co. for promoting the use of ASL when AGBELL wants to promote SOUNDS for the Deaf.

Here comes the NAD! New PR disaster for AGBELL as NAD's Letter to AGBELL erupts into a major firestorm of a protest by many differnt bloggers and vloggers.

To be honest, this is one of the worst public relations disaster and nightmare for AGBELL since the titanic sank at sea. Could it really be that "The great AGBELL ship" had struck an Pepsi Co. advertisement "iceberg"? I think so. It's been gashed with a "hole" so wide in the side of their ship, you could drive the entire internet engine right through it! If AGBELL sinks in the history, perhaps that will be the kindest thing thatcould happen for the entire deaf community.
But will AGBELL change their captians to save their ship in time, patch the "hole", and then change directions? That's the $64K question of the day now. (don't try to answer it.. only AGBELL can).

If a Boycott on the AGBELL is the only answer against them, then perhaps that's what must be done. As I said before, I hope the investors realize that AGBELL has put itself in bad shape. Money says powerful things. But the voice and ASL of a powerful deaf community says more!

Semper FI to the NAD. Stronger SEMPER FI to us bloggers and vloggers.

Note: here are some things you ought to see: (a letter from a Law Professor to the Pepsi Co). (childern of the eye remarks about Paotie's post on his page) Ouch!

And there's more AGBELL related stuff at

UH oh.. If anyhone's just saw something..I have to agree. THERE WAS a blooper of the pepsi ad!
And you know, Deaf Anthology is right!

The ad does start out with all the houses DARK!! Which means, by the time the kick off happens The game is really just over! Unless Bob's house really has a GREAT Cable system to pick up something special (sort of like a Dr. Who Time TV set)

Deaf Anthology, I tell you to NEVER FEAR!! What if the pepsi ad is taking place in Merry olde ENGLAND?? To me it was quite obviously that they were "americans" driving an american car and driving on the RIGHT SIDE of the road . Yeah, that's a hell of a blooper. If it's so late at night and everything's dark... it was pretty obvious! Whoever wrote this pepsi script sure didn't think it through enough. So next time, pepsi ad creators.. do me a favor.. USE ESL! English Sign Language (British signed system)

well, until the next time.. SEMPER FI!!


OCDAC said...

Let's see if the ASL commubnityn can make the killer iceberg for the AGBell ship?

Anonymous said...

Re: the so-called "blooper" of dark houses, I pointed this out two weeks ago:

Sherlock Steve said...

Tom: oh well, I thought I'd clear it up a bit. But nice shot on your end! :-)