Thursday, February 7, 2008


G'day Everyone!

Coming across the Deaf World Blogshpere and VLogsphere, a new blog war has appeared! I knew it was going to happen. I had a hunch that it would and it has come to pass.
Offically The NAD has SLAMMED AGBELL! I was shocked at the tone of the letter NAD sent out to AGBELL! IMHO? Great job, NAD!

But you know what? Sherlock Supports NAD against AGBELL!

Ever since last year's protests in the Summer of 2007, AGBELL has tried to shush many of the deaf community members from using ASL and forcing deaf people to go on hearing aids, CIs, and cued speech. Was that a Good idea out of AGBELL? NO!

Sorry ABELL! I side with the NAD! Sign Language should go SIDE-by-SIDE along with hearing aids, CIs, and CUED SPEECH! Even deaf students in mainstream schools should use ASL in school as well!! Even DEAF and Hearing Babies have a RIGHT to learn ASL!

You know what, AGBELL? We're NOT AN ISOLATED DEAF COMMUNITY as you think we are in this present age of time!!
Look about you! National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) students do work, interact, study together, and are very social with Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) hearing students! Does that fit the AGBELL profile on us that AGBELL says that we're an "isolated deaf society" there? HELL NO!
Hey! How about Gallaudet University? "Isolated Deaf Society" University? NO! Gallaudet is improving. Even after down fall of Jordan, it's still improving each day passing! So AGBALL stikes out twice already and more! (actually, AGBELL struck out LONG AGO)

I think everyone has an opinion in the blogs and vlogs on how AGBELL has handled their letter to Pepsi Co ever since Pepsi Co announced it's Deaf Commercial that aired in the PRE-Super Bowl show last Sunday afternoon! This has become one of the worst Public Relations Nightmares for AGBELL ever!! What in the hell were they thinking?

I know many of us have suggested we contact AGBELL's supporters and suggest that they end their support for AGBELL (and maybe support NAD) to starting a boycot on various products that help fund the AGBELL organization.

Never again shall the deaf community be discriminated or defamed by AGBELL! An apology or no apology out of AGBELL is worth being able to repair it's damage that has been done.

I may not have an AGBELL membership card to destroy, but I'll keep an NAD card any day! (Maybe I'll join NAD for sure!)

Step down AGBELL! Your time is OVER! Your influence in the deaf community has soured.
NAD time is NOW! Long live ASL and HEARING AIDS as ONE!

(ok gang, you can take a rest from throw all the popcorn balls at AGBELL and just cheer NAD with a popcorn "rain" storm!).

For those who want to see the NAD post:

Cheers for the NAD!!

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Jim said...

I got email from NAD and watch the video as well as read what the President of NAD has response to AGBELL. I read the letter from AGBELL to Pepsi CO and there is one statement AGBELL has said and here is that statement:

"We trust you understand that deaf and hard of hearing individuals are a diverse group and therefore do not fit into a single, distinct culture."

What kind of idiot thinks that deaf and hearing impaired does not fit in a single culture? Deaf can fit into any society and not just a single culture. I have respect of deaf people of all language and I may not know all ASL but I respect them. AGBELL should be disband for not respecting the commercial and all the deaf people in the society. Shame on AGBELL.