Saturday, February 9, 2008

Laughing Saturday

G'day Everyone!

I spent an hour on the floor *LAUGHING* myself apart. (*LOL again*, ah ahem!) OK, let me show you the reason why:
The reason why I looked at the "Jesus Christ light switch" article because it got me curious. But the light switch wasn't the one thing that made me laugh, it was the comments! Some of them were so... ah you gotta see for yourself. As a former catholic I never figured why this particular light switch was in my room when I was a kid. Was it an influence to be GAY? Oh lord.. I don't want to think so.

Switching gears, I think we may have another AGBELL related war! I discovered this on Deafread this morning.

Go see the info there then come back here.

Back? Well, to be honest to say if AGBELL is taking on other ASL related organizations and preventing them from "sharing" the same site (which goes the logical thinking that AGBELL is kind of complaining to the pepsi co by saying : "In order to create a commerical for the deaf, you should have consulted with us first because we know the deaf better than the NAD does"). of the event days, then something's seriously wrong.

If the NAD was to team up with ASLexpo 2008, then AGBELL will really have a problem on it's hands. If AGBELL can't understand the promotion of ASL as opposed to sounds that AGBELL promotes to force deaf people to be more "hearing", then why does it want force it on the next generation of deaf babies? This will always be "The Greatest Irony" that hangs over all of us.

I wanted to share two posts that Carl Schroeder wrote. I think both make statements clearly:

Thanks Carl for posting those.

For now.. SEMPER FI.. till next time.


RLM said...


Jeez, I also grew up with this Catholicized "Jesus" switch. My deaf mother was not a Catholic or religious, but her first husband insisted of putting it on Mom's apartment.

My mother left that damn light switch cover at her Romney (WV) multi-floor apartment.

Oh boy, I never thought about the Jesus light switch possibly influenced me to be gay. Who knows?

Thanks for posting this Jesus light switch. So I could print it out to my non-biological father which he is a father of my siblings. Thanks again.


Jim said...

I think ASL Expos should get a lawyer and sued AGBELL for interferring with the Schedule. Better yet, I think ASL Expos moved their show one week early at
the Midwest Airline Conference
Center? No such way fighting the same schedule but a different date than AGBELL cannot block that date when they already pick their date. If they are going to change and follow to block ASL Expos, then the matter should be taken to court. Better yet, I wish AGBELL was banned for not respecting other Deaf organization such as NAD.