Thursday, February 14, 2008

Support TOM NEVILLE! / Best Buy Lawsuit!

G'day Everyone!

I just got alerted that Tom Neville's blog got picked up into the AOL news! I was kind of surprised!

Here's the link:

You have to scroll down the AOL news to see under the blog headings to find it.

For those who want to see what Tom Neville is saying on his site:

This quite a story between Tom Neville and Deaf Nation. Read what Tom's saying. Then be sure to put on some "Nuclear Protection Gloves" on your mouse. The comments in that section running roughly in favor of Tom Neville. How much will it get?

I know I printed this a few days ago. But I want to say it post it again with a word to Deaf Nation:

Sit down and talk with Tom Neville.. NOW!!

*sigh* I hope all the best things work out for Tom Neville.

In the meanwhile, my plans to head to DC have been cancelled for personal reasons and things are rescheduled.

To all my friends and readers: Have a wonderful LOVE day and God Bless you!!

This link says it all:

Update: I had to blog this when I was looking at the AOL news. If you lose a laptop, like this woman did, think what you can do!!

Now I'm going to give a some good advice: If something goes wrong with laptop and you know it's not your hard drive, do yourself a favor: Take your hard drive out and leave it at home!
I've picked up this type of info because many people think that computer repair shops are "honest" people. Unfortunately, I've seen what many people do to a laptop so often! So please, with the risk of having your ID stolen by someone else, take your hard drive out first. They may complain that they need that hard drive, but I suggest that you buy a spare Hard drive to create as a back-up peace of mind drive.

Me, when my laptop goes down for some reason, Out comes my normal Hard drive and I put in my SPARE Hard drive with limited info. Thus, not only I protect myself, but all my data is completely safe.

Say what? Can't afford a back-up hard drive? Simple, Transfer every part of info to a CD or some type of a External Storage device. Even a Zip drive or Zip key will work.

So keep your precious info back ed up and just keep basic info on the hard drive if you can!

I hope this lady wins her lawsuit. It's no fun losing something you paid for!

Semper FI!

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Jim said...

The woman is suing for $54 million dollars is a copy cat idea of the lawsuit against the dry cleaner business amount of money. The laptop does not cost $ 54 million dollars. I do agree she should have taking the hard drive out before taking the laptop in for repair. She should have known better than any place you take something for repair can get lost. That happen to me at Circuit City. I thought lost one video player and I brought another one. When I took that one in repair and picked it up, that was my old video player. It was not the one I took in for repair. So I got the other one and then I have both. The amount of money the woman is suing Best Buy, she won't get that amount of money. I wish her luck.