Friday, February 15, 2008

Back to the Nazis.. again! *whip crack*

G'day everyone!

Today's title of the post says it all!! Curious?

Yes folks! There is a FOURTH Indiana Jones movie! (Just like there's soon to come another Rocky movie!). On May 22, 2008, Get ready for Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I saw the trailer and it looks like old Indiana Jones is fighting the Nazis again! Believe it or not, this is the most interesting movie made by Harrison Ford! Unfortunately, if you are looking for Indiana's father, you won't find him. But the special effects are said to be outright excellent!

Hopefully, there will be an open caption on this movie because it's going to be WAY popular!
Attention comic book fans: Don't forget to head to your comic book store! There's a new series of Indiana Jones now going on!

Meanwhile: I went to a Catholic Church service early this AM and when the priest asked who we should all being praying for (which he usually asks) I said Northern Illinois University!! The priest stood shocked for a moment and declared that it was important to honor and pray for the students in the hour of their need. Please be praying for students this weekend. Especially for Northern Illinois University. It was a senseless rampage. Stay tuned to for any updates. Today's post is dedicated to all University Students and praying for their safety on the campus.

When you are done praying, Go to: ! He's got a one kicked up Prank video to show you! *what is that you ask*? I'm not saying but he's just done one of the BEST pranks ever. Oh..what a look of HORROR on that dude's face. Great job, SeekGeo! You get a MAJOR SALUTE!

till next time: a PRAYER SEMPER FI for NIU!

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