Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The coming LOVE weekend!

G'day Everyone!

Tomorrow begins the LOVE Weekend of Valentine's day. For some, it's the romantic weekend of the year for most people! That on the human side.

But since you are reading my blog, I have to give you a bit of a warning and caution!

The link is a description that hackers will be sending out a new WORM in the e-mails for the next several days. It will contain a line that says "from a secret crush person" or what ever it says. Even if it comes from a friend of yours of a "Happy Valentines day" line, Do yourself a favor. Send a separate e-mail to your friend, or call on VP (if you got one) to ask if your friend did send you a valentine e-mail.

So today, I urge you all to make sure your anti-virus programs are up to date and to be ready for anything!

I hope you all will have a romantic weeknd!! Sherlock will be in DC for the weekend (weather pending).

Meanwhile: I found something today on Deaf Read. Ever hear of "The ORANGE BROWN Coalition"? This is real organization on the campus of RIT. Here's the link:

This gives all about the facts of how the Alexander Graham Bell dorm came about and some serious history info! Again, I support the fact that the name of AGB needs to removed off the dorm. Sign the petition!

Finally: Ever tried to take your new souped up snowblower out for the first time? Ah today I did. One lesson. Never do it when ice is already covering the top of the snow!! First chunk of snow that I bit into with my new snow blower and oh momma! Quarter of a mile ice missles got thrown! WHOO! Tim Taylor, I'm proud of you teaching me! ah, well next time I'll wait for the freshly powdered snow. Right now, I got some windows to fix. *embarassed*.

Anyways, Have a SAFE and SEMPER FI *love* weekend!

Note: to BW in Tx and NB in NY.. Happy Valentine's day! I will give you something when I see you! Love ya! *smile*

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RSGeo-007 said...

*dies laughing*

Reminds me of the time I was mowing the front lawn back home in KY and I hear and feel a *scrrunch ptui!*

I knew I hit something solid, but was it still in the ground or hurled elsewhere. I didn't even have to move another step as I saw where it went.

It got forcefully hurled into the lower window of my split level house. There was enough of it to make a small circular hole and to hurl it across the lower basement room into another room under a chest. Fortunately, cleanup was easy and it hit no one. I didn't find the rock til later.

Never mow a lawn without walking it first. Once I found a drinking glass, gloves, sharp knife, and a few other things. Another lawn was quite high, so I walked it and found a turtle only after I passed over the little guy. He was fine. No telling what would have happened had I shredded him.