Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday!

G'Afternoon Everyone!

I'm just about to head out for the door and off to spend almost the rest of the day in a party atmosphere among strangers. Hearing Strangers that is. Yes, yours truely is decked out in total blue in total support of the NY Giants! Today is finally, SUPERBOWL SUNDAY with a kick off at 6pm (aprox). I am really hope that the Giants will KICK the Pats' butt completely to the loser's column for sure!! (GO GIANTS!!)
But someone says that the game is already fixed and the Patriots are due to win this final game. I said that person.. "if that's true, then football will no longer be a sport to enjoy anymore". But never the less, Let's hope the Giants will be out for a serious pounding on the Patriots!!

Meanwhile: If there was a response for RLM from Jamie Berke, here it is:

It may not be a exact response that RLM wants to see, but hey.. break out the pop corn. The drama goes on. Oh well. boring one any how.

By the way, when the pepsi commercial airs tonite during the game, I'm going to be watching for the reaction from the crowd. I expect a lot of people will be scratching their heads at it. But get this, I may be the ONLY ONE in the entire bar that's watching and understanding it fully. So if even if it's NOT subtitled, I may have to play "Hearing interpreter" at that moment (if the commercial airs a 2nd time).

One of the things I do expect out of this Superbowl are the insane and WEIRD commercials. Hey! Will Budwiser have one of the insane ads that has an on-going script? I always laugh at that. But anything can happen tonight.

I want to encourage people who may be going to the bar or going over to a friend's home TO PLEASE DRINK IN A RESPONSIBLE MANNER! I won't be having any beer because I'm driving my car solo. But that's life. So, I want you all to have a care tonight. Drink carefully and if you are too drunk, have someone drive you home! In every community, police will be out in force tonight doing the DUI checks. (not fun, but make sure you got your license and registration with you!)


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