Saturday, February 2, 2008

Groundhog day, another blog war.

G'day Everyone!

Happy Groundhog day! At the same time, Happy Chineese New year. It's year of the RAT!
I don't know if Phil saw his shadow, augh, more winter. But if NOT, get ready for warm weather soon!

Meanwhile: Another blog war has appeared. Lemme guess.. you all expect another Berke and Ridor war? oooh! That pop corn drama is stale.. toss it away. The new one is : Berke vs RLM! That is Robert Mason! Have plenty of popcorn ready.

Here's what RLM is bitching about:

My response to RLM? I'm bitching Right back at RLM and his views on the AgBAD.

Only the Graham Bell Association (AgBAD) can order such a revoke of a membership of Jamie Berke, not Robert Mason. If you are a member of AgBAD, Robert, then you got every right to go and talk to AgBAD membership committee/director to ask for an order of decision that Jamie Berke should turn in her membership card. But how will that look in the eyes of public relations for AgBAD? Especially given last summer's protests, and now the recent articles that AgBAD deplores the Pepsi commerical that's due to hit the air waves in less than 48 hours tomorrow (SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!! OH YEAH!!).
Hey, another fact, Mason, why did the pepsi co consult the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) for advice on how to make this commercial? Could it be that NAD has more influence than AgBAD in dealing with the hearing community? It was a STRONG public relations coup for NAD and Pepsi Co. Yet, here we got the AgBAD that is playing "We should have been consulted too because we know the Deaf Community!". Yeah, right. Alex Bell could have invented an early Technology before his time for the deaf than discovering the Phone.

Personally, AgBAD's methods of teaching the deaf are long outdated. I grew up on this method long ago in a special school. I grew to hate it, especially in my mainstream days. I've gone to NTID, Gallaudet, and I completely embrace Sign Language and ASL. I may have " the best of both worlds" (as I've been told). But, AgBAD that believes in oralism teaching for the deaf, that's wrong. It's hurtful and shameful. Especially when they convinced my parents that, I when I was growing up, I would be better off with hearing friends than deaf friends.
How much of an honor of choice of my life when I threw off the AgBAD's teachings and embraced deafness and Sign Language. My own parents struggled to accept that decision.
But those of my hearing friends that I grew up with? They turned their back on me when I embraced my deafness rather than saying "I'm Hearing Impaired". I haven't regretted it ever since.
But the years that I lost growing up can never be replaced. A staunch supporter, like you RLM, needs to realize that AgBAD needs to change. Change that can only happen within the members of the AgBAD community. That is what I advocate for the AgBAD to do. Change it's methods. Embrace Sign Language. End all of Alexander Bell's attempts for teaching the deaf to live like hearing people. As long as God creates deaf children, the deaf community will survive.

Lastly, if Jamie Berke wants to give up her membership in AgBAD, that'll be her choice! Not your challenge, Robert. If she wants to go public about it, that'll be her decision. Since that is her decision, your challenge literally falls on deaf ears. Sort of like throwing a snowball pie right in your face! *WHAP* (good one, Jamie!!)

Semper FI to JB for her stand against AgBAD!

Update: My salute to Nick V. For his kindness to point out my mistakes in my spelling about the NAD! Thank you! And don't forget: NAD has two major events going on this year!! For info: Be sure to find out!

Semper FI to the NAD!


Gallaudet Protest Legal Issues said...


I'm not sure I understand your point. Robert is challenging her to make the decision. That seems reasonable to me.


Anonymous said...

As of late and as a result of some terrible blogging content, RLM no longer has any credibility in my opinion.

Sherlock Steve said...

I don't know if RLM has any creditiblity. He does have his own right to a web page and a opinion of his own. The way he's challenged Jamie Berke over the AgBAD issue, I'm not surprised. A good blogger knows when to choose his battlefield carefully.
I've gone to the bat for Jamie many times before and I'll do it again. Like I said, if he complains to AgBAD himself, then AgBAD can do the decison easy.
At this point, I don't know what jamie will say, but it's her own decision if to answer him or NOT.