Thursday, February 28, 2008

Breaking NEWS coming out of the NCSD!


Please go to this site!

The director has RESIGNED!




Jim said...

Director Linda B. Lindsey has resigned and will take a position with the Office of Education Services in Raleigh. I wish she resigned and nobody hired her. She deserves not to ever again work in North Carolina because people in North Carolina will remember her for what she did at NCSD. But what about the demand that the staff know sign language to communicate with the students? I wonder about that.

Amy said...

Sorry to rain your parade..

Dr. Linda Lindsey does not resign. She stepped down the role as a director at NCSD, and moved to a new position with the Office Education Services (OES) in Raleigh.

We do not know what kind of position Dr. Linda Lindsey got.

Let us look at the organizational chart of North Carolina's Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS).

Seven organizations report to the OES are:

1. North Carolina School for the Deaf
2. Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf
3. Early Intervention Programs for Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
4. Resource Support Program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
5-7. Three other programs at Governor Morehead School (Blind).

Is it a lateral move, or an upward move?

That's something we need to find out.

Remember, it is the 'higher-ups' that makes a big influence how deaf schools operate - and they do have their own political and economic agendas of their own.

The bigger system which Deaf school are under, usually are the most vulnerable. No matter how experienced, skilled and charismatic educational leader they can find to run North Carolina School for the Deaf, this person will have a lot of people above to report.

The best possible solution is to have North Carolina Schools for the Deaf (Morganton and Wilson) to be an independent agency with their own school board.

The change of the organizational position and governance structure will help with the viability of both schools.

Amy said...

Let's us learn bit more about Dr. Lindsey...

You can be the judge of her character.

See the Link