Friday, February 22, 2008

GU BOTs keep Davila?

G'day Everyone!

Someone gave me an article and when I read the site : , I asked myself a question.

Keep Davila or start a presidental search process again?

I really don't know. It's a question of ethics. Interim means temporary. But making Davila as a permanent president should be put to a vote between the Faculty, Staff, Students, and Alumni (FSSA). I think many of us had a dream that we would be looking forward to the day when we would welcome a PERMANENT President of Gallaudet University. But now, hearing this? Turning an Interim President into Permanent President? Is that for Gallaudet or is that a GU Board of Trustees afraid of another outburst in the future?

I think I'm going to leave this as a question for most people to answer for the weekend.
In my honest opionion, we need a YOUNGER president at the helm for Gallaudet University. Davila should just be a Interim President and then go back to his retired life.

Who knows? What do you think? Read the article and then comment.



mishkazena said...

It wasn't a surprise to me, not at all.

Gallaudet Protest Legal Issues said...

Gallaudet will not be able to soar to new heights until after it is cleansed of the Kelly/Jordan influence.

The REAL blame for the crisis that led to the 2006 protest lies in the VP's lap.

Jim said...

One would think of Keeping Davila as a Permanent President would not last with Davila. He is 75 years old and only wanted the job as a short term so he can get on with his retirement. I think they are waiting until after November to clear the Accredition and get back on the Accredition. Once they get that and have clean up all the problems at Gallaudet, I think they will do another President Search. They want the new President to do things without any problems at Gallaudet. That way the new President can start fresh ideas and not worry about any past Problem that Gallaudet has. But I would like to see the Security Police at Gallaudet get their ASL certification so they can communicate with the deaf people at Gallaudet. It is not excuse they can't communicate with the deaf students as a part of their job. If they can't do sign language and not yet had their sign language training, Gallaudet should provide the training for them. I am tired of excuse that the Security Police at Gallaudet does not have any sign language skills. They deserve to have it and know how to communicate with students in any emergency. I hope Davila has fixed that problem or is working on that problem.