Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Castro Resigns! (NOT) / Olsen Brothers

G'day Everyone!

FREE CUBA NOW! It should be the SHOUT heard around the world today. Here's today's link:


IF there was a call for every person in the USA who fled from Cuba years ago, it's a time to go back to Cuba and free it! It's time to go back and influence the leaders of Cuba to vote for a TRUE, FREE, RESPONSIBLE, and DEMOCRATIC Cuban leader. The CASTRO power must be broken! After watching this nation for so many years, it's people suffer so much. Prevent Raul Castro from taking power for another 50 years!

For one thing, I agree that the USA should keep the embargo against Cuba until the decision on WHO the next PRESIDENT or Dictator will be. God help the nation Cuba to come to it's term. This is their chance to go democratic!

Meanwhile, a friend of mine sent me a link about the Olsen Brothers' latest vlog! I went and viewed it and LOL, ROTF!! Move over, Deaf Roger! Hey Tom Neville, catch this!

I love the Olsen Brothers' of the CI! LOL. oh man!! (I'm still laughing..)

Ok I'm recovering long enough to say MAJOR SEMPER FI to the OLSEN BROTHERS!

Now pardon me while I go laugh for a while and I bid you a semper FI!

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Jim said...

Sadly, Raul Castro has been elected the new leader in Cuba. I am shock the government does not want to change to a new kind of Government and make peace with the United States. The people in Cuba will not be happy with how the economy is going in Cuba.