Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bury the WTC victims PROPERLY!

G'day Everyone!

I'm madder than ever. Not only I'm mad at how the terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center (WTC) on September 11th, 2001, but I'm mad about the AFTERMATH!
If you want to know what I'm so ANGRY about.. then read today's article!

The article is from a catholic Sojourners Magazine. The title of it is: "At the hour of our death". It's an article about The WTC Families for Proper Burial. Here's their webpage:

When you read it, this will make sense of why Rudy Giuliani has failed to win political support to be the next President. Politically, Giuliani's future is now mired in a murky NY future. He is thought to be a hero to try to defend his city. But instead of focusing on recovery of the dead remains of people, he recovered treasure. (according to the article).

Most of my anger is WHY are human remains are buried like a garbage dump after all these years? Instead of putting all the thousands of pounds of the WTC in a landfill, it should have been put in a special landfill and buried as a memorial for all who suffered in the WTC attack. But since then, it's still in a garbage dump.

Is this a good proud decision of the NYC Mayor's office? Or a final awful resting place of all the WTC victims?
I say that it's time we start taking a stand this political season. Unless we influence the new political people to start taking an active role to help bury these victims of WTC, it will remain a national shame. Ask Obama. Especially ask Hillary, since she's suppose to represent NY! Even ask Bill Clinton who's made his home there! Will they do anything? I'll bet you they won't and that'll be the lowest shame of a political person.

Take a stand, find an answer to put our victims of WTC to rest in a proper place. Sign the petition on their web page.

Justice will be done to Osama Bin Laden one day. Just as it has been on Saddam!

Semper FI!

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