Friday, February 1, 2008

Anger at Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden!!

G'evening Everyone!

I'm more than angry and spitting a curse right at Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden!! I hope this terror group suffers a special WRATH OF GOD on them. Islam or no Islam, this is no run-of-the-mill damn terror group. This is a group of sadistic terror people who used disabled people to kill other people. See:, that article!

This is why I'm so angry. Using disabled people as of they were "disposeable" people to get the "message" across in Iraq. It means: Submit or else!

No religious type terror group is ever going to be saved from the wrath of man, terror victims, and from the WRATH OF GOD. When these sick terror people die, they think they are going to their rewards. Instead, it will be the true horror of their lives that awaits for them when they see Jesus sitting on the Judgement seat and showing these dead men their very crimes that they have committed in the name of TERROR! No one has a right to kill a disabled person like the ones these women suffered to die in Iraq! I believe these disabled women suffered at the hands of these terror people before thier painful death. When God judges these terror people at end of their lives, these terror people will find NO reward and NO peace, but enternal PAIN and SUFFERING that NEVER EVER ENDS. These Terror people will beg, scream, cry, suffer aloud before God, but no mercy.

Save that Saddam has died a death by the nose, I hope that Osama Bin Laden will either kill himself or die of old age while he hides. Because whenever he is found, he will suffer an end to his crimes in such a way that is deemed by the World court.

My heart aches for these disabled women that died. May God comfort their souls.


Lantana said...

How do we know for sure that these "terrorists", aka Bin Laden and his klan, are not a fragment of our "leaders"'s imagination?

Where is the proof that they even exist? If they are out there, why haven't they been caught? Or is our goverment waiting until just before election to give the Repubs a boost??

It is very difficult to believe anything anymore!


Jim said...

I do agree with you one hundred percent. To use Disability people to do something they are not aware of or that they will die makes me feel sick. Sadly, they think all that killing is going to make us submit to convert to Muslim or Islam isn't going to change me. Life is short, even if force to change, I would rather die. If I can or force to convert, I am going to die one day anyway, so what is the point of converting to please them? Converting won't make me live another 100 years or enjoy life. I would have to pray 5 times a day and do other things that Muslim do in order to save my life. I say no thank you for that idea.