Sunday, February 17, 2008

DPN20 & NTID 40

G'day Everyone!

I should be telling everyone out there that the most BIGGEST event at Gallaudet University is due to hit on Saturday, March 8, 2008! It's the 20th anniversary of the Deaf President NOW protest. It's the real and true worthy of an event of a lifetime to go to! For information about the DPN 20, go to: ! And yes, the dream will live on!

Meanwhile: Calling all CURRENT and NTID ALUMNI! Don't forget June 26 to 28, 2008 for the great NTID 40th Anniversary Reunion! Make sure you down load the registration forms and get them sent in! From what I hear, this will be a great big event to happen on our campus of RIT! Lots of changes on the campus there, so be sure to bring your digi- cameras! So much to see, so many new memories to make! Be there or paint youself ORANGE and BROWN in your back yard! For info:

I'm excited this week. I'm also apprehensive as well. I have a major job interview at a Major University! Where is that, you say? Sorry, folks. I'm keeping this under wraps. The only thing I'm apprehensive right now is about my former boss, whom we did not part on good terms. If the worst comes to worst..

Anyhow, so with the week coming up, I say have a great SEMPER FI week!

By the way.. the polls below this are still going on.. get your vote in.. Results to be announced in March!


Fingers said...

Oh (Beep)!!! Wrong time for me go to NTID 40th anniversary! I graduated NTID of '87. I mostly miss NTID/RIT campus in the past.. I never forget that day of SVP '83 after Septemter. Someone who did tossed smoke bomb in Tower A very early morning. We WANT know WHO did this very pissed in september 1983. Noone who won't admit about smoke bomb ever since! damn...

Fingers<--my road name

Sherlock Steve said...

Fingers.. I was in NTID from SVP 1981 and was there till the spring 1983. It was in the following spring 1984 I came back. I'm surprised that happened. I didn't know that!! I'm very sure I'd like to know that too. But forgive the person from the old days. Life has to move on, you know.
I hope I can makes some pictures of the reunion!

Jim said...

Fingers - I am also SVP 83 and I
graduated in 87 just like you. I also will never forget that smoke bomb in Tower A. I will be attending to NTID 40th reunion and I am looking forward to it.