Saturday, February 16, 2008

Being "Dead" isn't fun!

G'afternoon Everyone!

I found a news article (not deaf related) that's worth to make a point of what can happen if someone types in your social security number by mistake! Read this article:

When I read that article, I have true sympathy for this woman. It's not just that someone typed in her number, but chances are high and right off the bat if a hacker has your Social Security number and then dies with your number. That's one of the most worst things to happen. For this lady, I'm sure her number was an accident. But looking back at it makes me think what could happen if a hacker died with your number? Just like this lady is going through now, I don't think anyone but your worst enemy should suffer this.
So saying that today, I want you , my dear reader, to go to this webpage today:

Order a credit report for a peace of mind for yourself. It's free! Protect your credit report!

Also, James has an opinion on that too:

Meanwhile, speaking of "Dead", I have an aunt that died last November. Yesterday I got a shock of a letter in the mail from my aunt's lawyer. I went "oh my gosh.. she left me something". It turns out that I'm actually getting something of what I mean to my aunt. I went "yeah.. right. Just like the rest of my aunts, uncles, and cousins who choose to ignore the deaf relative.". What will it be? The answer is coming soon.

Update: My friend, who has died twice in surgery last December, actually had a torn heart muscle. To say it was a miricle for him to be alive now, I say he was extremely lucky. He is still recovering in a DC hospital. Has he been told he died? I don't know yet. But he's pretty much wanting to go home. Docs say no and still has to stay in ICU for a while. Get WELL, My friend!

Till next time.. Semper FI salute to you all!

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