Monday, February 18, 2008

Deaf Roger and no spiders in Alaska?

G'Evening Everyone!

Well, the day is closing and I thought I better post something. It was a quiet President's day. The world has celebrated a formation of a NEW nation/country. I tell them "GOOD LUCK! SALUTE" to them in this WILD planet.

On a personal note: I have formally lost respect of a deaf friend and what is about to happen will be some of the worst things I never wanted to see in life. Pray for that person for me.

Meanwhile: Today's MAJOR SALUTE goes to: DEAF ROGER in his VLOG of why the word: "AGBAD" must be banned! Here's the link : !
I say he's convinced me! Great job Roger!

Picture of the day: You say there's no spiders in ALASKA? Humm.. check this out:

Just gives a new meaning to the word DOG PILE! *LOL*

For now.. SEMPER FI!

1 comment:

DeafRoger said...


Many thanks for the 'Major Salute' :D
Nice to know I'm getting my point across!

Sorry about your friend though.