Thursday, February 28, 2008


G'day Everyone!

In 10 days, it will be the 20th anniversary of the ORIGINAL protest. The Deaf President Now anniversary. That's DPN20 for most of us. 10 years ago, Sherlock took part in the DPN10 march. It was a great peaceful march. It was one of the bright days and great weather for a march to the capital hill.

I can't believe it was a rough 10 years later! It would have been a great day to honor Dr. I King Jordan for all his work at this point. But in the previous last 3 years (that is if you count from his resignation in Fall 2005 through to the end of 2006), we see this amazing turn-about of the truth of Jordan. As much as I respected this man in 1988 when I saw him on TV, it was at DPN10 and in my early days of Gallaudet University, did I get chance to meet him a few times in person and has made me wonder why he's not looking like the same person I understood before.

I asked myself lately of WHY Gallaudet University isn't in acknowledgement of DPN20 lately? But of course, GU is still shaken by the previous events of the years before and it will take a while for a full acceptance to come. I know our accreditation is on the line.
For now, we have to celebrate DPN20 on March 8, 2008. Full info about DPN20 can be found on .

Meanwhile, DPN20 might be overshadowed by the events that are in progress at North Carolina School for the Deaf (NCSD). For the latest infos: .
Jamie Berke of her own blog has weighed in as well :

How long this new Deaf Director Now protest goes on is anyone's guess. But this is a sad state of things.

Recently, I had a chance this morning to watch President Bush to do a News Conference. For one thing, his whole body language gave off a bad vibe. He's saying we're in a "slow down" economically. But I asked myself, "what if we are already in a recession?". That would be bad economic news for everyone. If you ever have been shopping in the last several weeks for food, take a good look at your food bill. It's gone up. So, watch your money! Things will get nasty.

Politically, I have decided to say this: Sherlock supports Ron Paul for President! Given to how Obama and Clinton are doing so far, I'm trying to duck the mud slinging. One of the most laughing things to see is Ralph Nader trying to get back in the saddle again and trying to be elected President again. Truth is.. he'll never make it. He just provides comedy again. Way to go Nader!

Well, I'm off to Allentown, PA for the weekend. I need a mini-vacation. :-) Maybe I will have a chance to do some snow tubeing! (whooo! Wipeout city!).

Till laters, SEMPER FI!

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