Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Things going serious at NCSD!

G'day Everyone!

Say what? Are the administrators at North Carolina School for the Deaf (NCSD), who don't speak in ASL to their deaf students and have 'terps in tow daily, are THAT INSANE?

The latest news article was passed to me:

To hear that some of the students and staff were suspended at this school would be unheard of! It's a prime civil rights violations. This isn't about stopping a protest, this is more about administrators using POWER to stop something going on from being told in a public setting. It's now clear that the State of North Carolina will get involved and find out what's happening.

But I could bet you that a lawyer will be coming down there to look around and possible file a civil rights class action lawsuit on behalf of the staff and students.

This is one example of why hearing people don't bother to learn ASL and act all high and mighty around the deaf and their own staff. My own advice to the administration of NCSD: Get the hell out of there!

Whatever happens, support the NCSD students and staff! They know things are NOT RIGHT with administration! I hope parents and alumni of NCSD get involved in this. The future of Deaf schools is stake.

I hope the State of North Carolina does a proper investigation!


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