Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More on the AGBell stuff

G'Afternoon Everyone!

Hi from the Snowy place of Williamsport, PA! Yes, it's packed snow here. I'm enjoying it. It's pretty right now.. that is is you stay at home! Venture outside in your car and you better be praying you don't slip-n-slide into something! OUCH!

Ok.. Today I wanted to share an experience by a blogger of how he was forced to talk instead of Sign Language : http://aslman.blogspot.com/2008/02/john-tracey-clinic-slap-my-hands.html .

Was that abuse on the handicapped? I'd bet my bottom dollar on it. There are other gentle ways to make a deaf child talk and enjoy sign language as well. Like ASLman, I was forced as a kid to learn to talk instead of picking up sign language. And like ASLman, I was told Sign Language was bad language to learn while I grew up.

When I was 20, my parents tried to dissuade me from going to NTID. It was the final act of teenage rebellion that I signed those papers for NTID and left for college. When I came home, I didn't sign, but talked. But curiosity got the best of my parents. I signed, talked, and most of all, introduced them my best friends. My dad enjoyed them, but my mom doesn't. Today, with my VP, my mom is still uncomfortable that I have deaf friends. Thanks to the person who influenced her to forced me to talk. I wish to God he told her I could take up sign language later!

Anyhow: on to the AGBELL stuff:

Check out http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-460612873475973908 .It's a video about a petition to remove the Alexander Graham Bell name off one of the campus buildings at RIT.

And if you are intested to SIGN the petition : http://www.petitiononline.com/RMAGBELL/petition.html

So since I, Sherlock, am a alumni of NTID, I do support the petition project that the name of Alexander Graham Bell be removed off the tower B dorm of the NTID dorms.
I honestly think that AGBELL's philosophy and works today conflict with purposes of NTID teachings in this present age.

Lately, I have a question for all of us: Why hasn't NTID at RIT and Gallaudet University state their positions about the AGBELL controversey over the pepsi advertisement and the NAD Rebuke at AGBELL?

The answer that I wish I could write would put me in a position that might affect NTID and Gallaudet University. BUT these two major Higher Education Instiutions refuse to say anying in defense of either NAD or AGBell. So that's kind of odd.

Well, as I said, be sure you go to sign the petition for the name to be removed off the NTID dorm! thanks !

Semper FI!

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Paul said...

Thank you for sharing your experiences. I am in same shoes you are in about using ASL.

I fully support the idea of removing the name AG Bell from NTID. You will need to talk to Alan Hurwitz about it. He needs to get off his behind and help us! He is too lame for such deaf advocacy as his sister in law runs oral school in St. Louis so you see his hands are tied somewhat. It is $$$$ (money talks).

Yay for you!

Good job well done!