Monday, February 25, 2008

The Evils of NCSD

G'day Everyone!

When I was getting my e-mail today, I got alerted to a NEW blog that someone set up on behalf of the students of the North Carolina School for the Deaf. Here's the link:

One look at it and it not only had the tone of the 1988 protest, but clearly the administration is acting like what I. King Jordan would have done: preventing a bad public relations nightmare! Well, too late for that!! The word has gotten out. It's time to fight back.

I call on every parent that has students enrolled in the NCSD and bring their student home! To hear that the administration shut down this student protest is a MAJOR VIOLATION of the right to the FREEDOM OF SPEECH! I don't like an administration that crushes a protest and hands out punishment on students.

This will not go unheeded! We, the deaf community, care about the future deaf community and that is the deaf youths! We shall protest on behalf of the deaf students! We will NOT be silent!

Stand up to the administration of NCSD! Fight for the FREEDOM OF SPEECH FOR THE STUDENTS OF NCSD! JUSTICE NOW!


update: check this out:

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ProtectourFUTURE said...

Thanks for your follow up to my blog. Yes this is very reminiscent of the DPN Movement!