Thursday, January 31, 2008

Around the Sphere world...

G'evening Everyone!

Well, I was websurfing tonight and found various topics to show you all.

First up: DUCK! GET UNDERGROUND A DEAF SPACE OBJECT IS GOING TO HIT THE EARTH! Read:,8599,1707541,00.html?cnn=yes

The reason why I said that it was a deaf space object is because ground controllers have no way to send a message to it because it has failed to listen to commands. Which means, here are some good chances where it'll fall (remember, this is a pun thought):

Will it the space object hit:

NTID/RIT ? 1-100,000 chances.. kind of doubt. pretty far out of the orbital paths.

Gallaudet University? Humm.. 1-10,000 chances.

Hitting Ridor's place? 1-1,000. Ah.. space junk isn't too good for him. Prolly will ignore him.

Hitting the White House and the President? One good chance by the Guidence of God. (priceless)

I don't know where this spacecraft will fall on. But after the last time that Skylab fell, we all hoped that it would hit some place. It just didn't. Fell else where down under!

So keep tracking folks! Stay alert and update your insurance coverage.

Just when you thought it was safe enough to go to closed captioned movies after the Summer AG Bell Protests...

Go look... but I didn't warn you! (wonder who's playing Darth Vader this time?).

"May the Vax force be with you" : Mike McConnell has pulled up and made a discussion about using the vax systems at Gallaudet University long ago. I also remember those very vax systems at RIT. If you think today's flamewars on the blogsphere are fun to watch these days, they were a lot more interesting in the vax days. Ah Vax Wars. If there's still a vax system somewhere out there, then May the Vax Force be with you! (sorry, light sabers not included in your vax codes)

Did you just sign "gun"? Quick HIDE IT! or sign that yer shooting yourself in the foot! Read:


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Well, till next time.. SEMPER FI!


Jim said...

Food for thought. Why does NASA sent a space shuttle to capture the satellite before it crashes to Earth? I mean maybe with the Space Shuttle, they could capture it with the Arms and somehoe maybe take it a part or something like that. That is just a thought.

Sherlock Steve said...

You wish, Jim.. but unfortunately, the people who make our sensors for our space shuttle are the very ones that have done shoddy work. It's still a wonder WHEN our shuttle is going to fire up and head up to our space station, much less pick up that satellite. (except for the hubble telescope).