Monday, January 21, 2008

Yesterday's games.

G'day Everyone!

Some days I'd love to be a Monday morning armchair QBing. But not today. What pisses me off that the NFL should have a mandatory policy to drug test every player on a football team that is suspectiously going to the BIG GAME in a UNDEFEATED stance. 18-0 wins? It's a joke, right? NO? Oh man! For the NFL, I think their games are in deep trouble already. The New England Pats are already so PROUD of themselves, I'd like to see them to submit to a THROUGH and COMPREHENSIVE examination to make sure all those players on that New England Patriots team are NOT USING any performance boosting drugs.
If they (THE NFL) found out that they really are using drugs, it would wipe out the entire NFL season completely. *sigh*. I hope the Patriots are in for a fight because it will get more than ugly out there.

Meanwhile: Hail to Green Bay vs. NY Giants! Now that was a REAL game. The refs were calling all the right penalties!! Green Bay Packers fought an honest and tough game despite the sub zero temperatures. Even in OT, they fought all the harder. In the very end, the NY Giants had a kicker who redeemed himself from one botched kick to kick a game right into the Super Bowl.

In two weeks, We will see a HUGE SUPER BOWL game. NY Giants vs New England Patriots. My money is definitely going on the NY Giants. I'm in hopes they'll beat the NE Pats and prevent the NE Pats from being a 4 time Super Bowl Champion. Otherwise, next season's NFL games will not be worth the money to spend on or watch on TV.

With Hockey and Basketball season in full swing, Baseball may well take full swing in to start a full season under cloud of the Barry Bonds and that Mitchell report. Will MLB get out of that cloud and play an honest game? We'd have to see.

So, bundle up everyone. It's gonna freeze for awhile. Stay warm and have a Semper FI day!

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Jim said...

The Chargers vs. the Patriots game I only watch a little of. I knew the Patriots was going to win that game sadly. I knew the Patriots played a dirty game and that how they won the game. It was not an honest game. I do agree the Packers vs. the Giants was not only an honest game but a very interesting game. If the Patriots win the Superbowl, they will be decleared the dirtest team in the NFL. I would never trust playing against the Patriots. They should be banned from the NFL ever since they have a computer and spy on the other team namely spying on the defense calls. They were caught with a video camera videoing the defense calls during a game. Can I ever trust the Patriots? Not with their current head coach and how they play the game. Until they honestly loses some games and play honestly, they will not be trust. If the Patriots win, it will be a sad day in the NFL because nobody has yet beaten the Patriots.