Saturday, January 19, 2008

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G'day Everyone!

Good old Micah Brown ( aka Micah's Brain, has a very good major political article going on in his blog. Though, I do want to express serious concerns that President Bush is doing very little for our country despite reacting to how the stock market is going on. We could slide past the 12000 point mark and downward. Should we fear for economics and having a weak dollar? Yes. But one thing I don' t want to see.. That the USA attacks IRAN. That's a major worry point that could place Bush in power for a long while. So I say to you, folks, keep praying and be handy with the votes. Vote the incumbents out and put new FRESH people in Congress!

Hey! You!! Yes you, Deaf High School Student!! Undecided where to go to College this fall 2008-2009? Well, previously you had a choice of a variety of mainstream colleges and NTID/RIT and Gallaudet. BUT, don't look now!
NEW at Michigan State University! That article is all about Michigan State University that is planning a, get this, SIGN LANGUAGE dorm! How many other colleges have Sign Language dorms on their campus? I feel good about this. If every major college in the nation would say that they have sign language dorms on their campus, it make NTID and Gallaudet have a serious drop in enrollment! A good idea? Maybe!

Uh oh.. here we go: Deaf Porn again! A few days ago, there was something on FOX News that picked a "story" about Deaf Porn. I think it was a major embarrassment for Fox News to do that. ugh. But it gets worse: Try this: "I-Dated-a-deaf-porn-star " story. oh Gawash.. how much more can we take of this? Humm.. who want to do a HEARING GONE WILD porn story? (ahh.. too late.. they've done that already).

Well, I'll end my post today of what I just found on that site today. We could all use a good laugh. Fact is.. I had a situation that just happens to be true because it happened else where. (where? I'm not going to name it but I was embarrassed and laughing at the same time! ahh.. PORN SHOWS! Never know when the pop up when you least expect it! LOL). Here it is: . Just remember, you'll be having a good laugh today.

Semper FI for the weekend!

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