Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hard to believe.

G'day everyone!

It's hard to believe that two good friends of mine are in the hospital this year. It's an on-going crisis that I thought last year, only one friend would be dying. But since the disclosure recently of the other friend in this hospital, in ICU, has had a profound effect on me. My other friend's situation could go either way and it's now a very huge possibility that there will be two funerals this year. NOT a good way to start a year in the first month! OUCH!

Super Bowl hype is starting and Sherlock's supporting the New York Giants! Destroy New England! That's all everyone cares about. (at the most).

I was shocked to hear that Heath Ledger, a movie star in the Brokeback Mountain movie (gay movie, no less), was found dead Tuesday in his NYC apartment!!! It was so shocking that this cute guy is gone. But be aware, he's a straight guy as I heard from most sources. My condolences go to his relatives.

Also, my condonlence to the Sorenson family on the death of James Sorenson. Hard to believe that he's gone when he made an important contribution to the deaf community. Quite an impact.

Well, what can I say? Life goes on for all of us. But, one of the things that I will do now is pray for them all. They're all in God's hands. That's important.

Just becareful out there and have a SEMPER FI day.

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Jim said...

As for your vote for the NY Giants to destroy the NE Patriots, I would say "Go For it, NY Giants". I reall hope they win the Superbowl.

I am sorry to hear you have a second friend in the hospital. I only know of one of them you are talking about. All I can say is Pray and it is all in God's hand.
I hope it does not become a bad year for you.