Saturday, January 5, 2008

Wegmans gives up on tobacco products!

G'day Everyone!

There was a stunning announcement that is being printed out in the Rochester, NY papers as well as in the states where Wegmans Food Stores are located.
The announcement?

It's a Wegmans corporate decision do discontinue selling tobacco products! That is smoking products.

Consumers, who like to smoke tobacco, are NOT pleased. It was at the market place food court area where one local long time smoker took some time to talk to me and he LOUDLY complained:" It's not fair that Wegmans should discontinue selling cigarretts and other tobacco products. Their prices are CHEAP here!". Another person barked back at the smoker and said "Look, there are tobacco stores literally all over Williamsport and other towns! So why should you bitch that Wegmans wants to stop selling tobacco when you can buy it anywhere else? Even on the Internet!". The discussion was still going on when I had to leave.

We're coming into the age when tobacco laws (being set tougher by the state and local places) are getting strict and smoking bans are going up in various places. How will the tobacco industry respond to this? I would believe that they would get their lawyers and sue the states to say that they were 'Not consulted before they set up tobacco banning laws'. Would they win in court? I doubt that.

But the states are trying to make every effort to curb teen smoking. This is a very important thing to happen.
People are dying from lung cancer, both from direct smoking and passive 2nd hand smoke. Even people who get lung cancer long after they've stopped smoking! Smoking tobacco products must stop!

So where else do smokers go to buy their tobacco products and smoke? Simple. Go buy at a tobacco stores and smoke at home. Where else? But that may be the last place you can enjoy a smoke because now some states are making it forbidden to smoke in apartments/homes where children present.

Should it come to pass after 2010 that smoking becomes outlawed, the tobacco industry may finally see it's end. What happens to all that massive and profitable fortune? Let's hope they push all that money over to the medical industry to help all the cancer patients that are dying due to tobacco products.

What about Wegmans? How much money do you think they made in selling tobacco products every year? I looked at my newspaper article. Wegmans declined to say how much they made in a profit. And by saying that, let's hope they improve their store to be a healthier image!

So a big semper fi hail to Wegmans!

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