Sunday, January 6, 2008

Missing a High School Reunion!

G'day Everyone!

First of all, I want to apologize to some people who thought I might be promoting "Deaf Porn", but I'm not. It was rather to inform you of what's happening out there. I don't care who makes porn, especially with deaf people in it. But it raises a lot ethical questions. So again, I'm not promoting "Deaf Porn". Thank you.

Meanwhile, I am regretting a lot of former high school friends of mine. I just found out they had that 25th High School Reunion and I wasn't aware of it until it was too late. Just because they posted it on doesn't really mean that everyone's going to see it. I wish my hearing friends made every attempt to find me. Just as much I have tried to find them over the years. It's a real sadness that they didn't and I miss out on a wonderful event. What's more, I intend to share some of things that happened with them during my early mainstream days as I'm writing a personal book. But won't post it like Robert Goodwin has in his own blog : (check out his deaf mainstream story series. Some of them are OUTRAGEOUS. They are great to read!!)

Hey.. as 2008 Starts..I'm wondering where's Ricky Taylor, aka Ridor? Anyone know where he is? Thanks!

Anyhow, it's another day in the blogsphere out there. so what else is new? *laughing*
Enjoy the weekend. For tomorrow, we head back to the salt mines of MONDAY! :-)

Semper Fi!


LaRonda said...

Ridor definitely had a role on DeafRead. It's been unusual not having him around. But I'm sure he'll be back.

~ LaRonda

Anonymous said...

Of Course, we don't need Ridor's stuff. He is a real negative person. It is so peaceful without Ridor! :-)

Anonymous said...

I think you've simply cottoned on to the fact a mention of the word 'porn' gets your blog another 100 views. Must make a note of that ! DEAF PORN OUTRAGE would get you about 300 extra log-ins. You could then talk about sheep it wouldn't matter...

Anonymous said...

Ridor is dead. I had to bury him next to Jimmy Hoffa's unmarked grave. The mob didn't take kindly to Ridor's blah-blahs on his blog.

Sherlock Steve said...

OH my.. ROTFALMHO!!!That's the best comments of the day! Thank you!!

P.S. Wouldn't have been better for Micah Brown if he said "BUSH PORN"?

Anonymous said...

nah, ridor will be back. it is only a hint!

be afraid, be very afraid--ridor


Shawn said...


Maybe not.

Sherlock Steve said...

Some one just e-mailed me of Ridor's OTHER blog site:
Here it is!

Semper FI thanks to SHAWN!