Saturday, January 26, 2008

Vote in the 2007 Blog Awards!/ State of the Union address/Deaf mom POWER!

G'day Everyone!

I used to like Ridor, but now I am forever glad to DeafRead that they made some WISE choices this year in selecting the nominations for this year's awards. And of course, Jamie Berke (got that one right, Jamie!) is among one of the nominations!

So, being in late fashion as usual, I wanted to encourage our fellow bloggers and Vloggers to get out to: and VOTE!! The voting deadline is 8:00PM PST on Sunday, January 27, 2008. That's tomorrow night at 11pm EST. So, GO VOTE! If you don't..Don't blog/vlog complain it. Don't forget to check your email! You have to click on the link to send the vote completely!

I may not agree how DeafRead sets up this blog awards, but at least it's something better to watch. Who'll win? I dunno, but I hope it's worth it!

Meanwhile, as our President Bush gets ready for his last "State of The Union" address (or should I say "State of the DIS-Union"?) to Congress on Monday night, it will be the high point of his year long Lame Duckness state. To be honest to say, whatever what President Bush will say will fall short of the people's ears. It's going to provide incentives to all the Presidential candidates to make new "promises" to help this nation. One person said "Anything that Bush says he can do to help our nation now is 7 years too little and a LOT TOO DAMN LATE!".

Just take a good look at our stock market lately. It's been on a wild roller coaster. That's pretty scary to watch your investments. I say start heading to GOLD and invest in that along with precious metals too. I don't want to know what's coming but better to be prepared for whatever may happen economically.

One thing that I have been watching lately: The Deaf Mom Shake N Steak saga. Here's her two web pages : and
I wanted to say one thing important: if you want to be like Ridor and posting nasty stuff in your own blog, that's fine. But leaving a ultra-nasty comment on someone else's webpage and accusing them of plotting the whole thing while hiding behind the word " Anonymous " name, I will tell you this: You just earned a greater chance of being disgraced and unworthy to call yourself a blogger.

I support Deaf Mom. She's doing what she has to do. I've seen restaurants that won't serve the deaf out there. I've encountered a few and have written to corporate services, but yet..having not gotten a response. But now restaurants are getting more aware of the power of the blog world. It could make or break their relations with their customers. If you think the ADA law doesn't have teeth, think again! I believe it does.

So, please people. If you don't like some who wrote about something out there in the weblog world, don't resort to a ridorism type of comment. Surf away. Because once you leave a very nasty comment, (especially if MORE than one person does it), you will make it harder for everyone else to enjoy it because that weblog owner might have to impose harder restrictions on his/her webpage. That means, asking for the RIGHT to view his/her webpage! (I saw one website like that, I asked for permission to view that page and got turned away. I accepted that.).

So I'm saying a MAJOR SEMPER FI SALUTE to DEAF MOM POWER! She's standing up for her RIGHTS! GO, DEAFMOM, GO! I pray Shake N Steak proposes a good resolution to this mess!


Jim said...

Too bad you can't put yours to the 2007 Blog Award. I hope they will pick you for 2008.

Sherlock Steve said...

Jim: To be honest, it may never happen. Even if I ever get into a 2008 blog award, I have to hope I have a STRONGER fan base than ridor. That's my 2008 wish.

Karen said...

I didn't see this post earlier-- thank you for your support! :)