Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another Personal Post Day.

G'day Everyone!

I was doing a big *sigh* and having a "chat" with myself when I decided that I needed to make a personal post about some topics. So, let me dive right into them.

Heath Ledger: While I feel sad that he's been taken from the world by God for whatever reason, I find myself angry enough at a baptist church that wants to picket at his funeral (they didn't say WHERE Heath would be buried and that's a good thing) and thanking God for putting a gay man in hell. Unfortunately, I do not respect that Baptist church for doing this kind of protest. Even for our people that are coming home from the wars in bodybags. Just not a good idea.

A few days ago, some of my straight friends found some gay porn on the 'net. (That's rare for them to do that). But when they gave me the link, I was shocked that it was a gay porn movie that was made right down to the Last Supper and "jesus" on the cross (total naked to boot)!! It was meant to be a SPOOF about the Bible yet, having sex on the film. My straight friends were having a "joke" with me because I'm gay. But I'm not laughing. I seriously believe in respecting the Bible and the Word of God. I respect every religion in the world (but not the very ones that threaten to kill you if you don't convert to their "faith"). I was very shocked that a gay porn producer would make this kind of movie! It's like thumbing the nose at God and saying "We can do whatever we want!". I say God have mercy on the Gay community for sure! I would thoroughly understand if the Christian and Baptist Groups would be upset to know about this film. I'm still upset over it myself.

Lately, someone told me that another family is taking their deaf 5 month old baby and have him fitted with a CI and have him grow up without any reference to deafness and Sign Language. I was totally shocked. A 5 month old baby fitted with a CI? My God! This kid has barely started to live in the world and understand being deaf. To put a CI on this kid now, it's like parents hope that you can teach a kid to grow up hearing and pray that he never finds out he's really been born deaf.
It's precisely what my parents did to me at a time when CI wasn't invented yet, but stick a hearing aid in me and try to force me to accept I'm hard of hearing more than being deaf. They felt by putting me in mainstream school, force me to have hearing friends and deny me deaf friends, and a deaf education, It was no wonder I did the ultimate total rebellion at 20 years old.

It was in that day I took that look at myself and realize I was born pure deaf. I wanted to SMASH my hearing aid to bits in front of them and say to my parents "I'm born deaf and PROUD TO BE DEAF!!".
That's when they realized their mistakes about my deafness. It took them time to accept that I'm deaf. Some time ago, my mom said "You have the best of BOTH WORLDS". I gave her a look that would kill Charles Atlas in a heartbeat.

Parents, who think they are doing the right thing and right favor for their kid to grow up "hearing", will some day realize that the child is an individual. When this kid grows up and makes choices of their own to be DEAF and PROUD, look out parents! Those 20 years can be out the door in a moment of that very self realization!

The number of deaf individuals with CI is growing at a strong rate. Heck, even one of my friends is getting a CI as well. How do I feel about my friend? I'm sorry I can't answer that.

My doctor told me some time ago that I'm a candidate for CI. Right there and then, I knew someone was trying to convince me to go CI. I said to my doctor "NO way! I'll take a hearing aid any day. But living with a borg technology? I'll wait till we can install GUNS in our arms and flame throwers in our butt!"

I have nothing against those who want a CI. But it gives me a personal pain to watch a young kid, even a few months old baby, to be fitted with CI. Bionic ears, as some say. But it's just not a good idea. We all have argued about CIs in a pro and con session before. I'm not going through that again.

But Gallaudet and NTID/RIT have to face the changing type of students that are coming to their school. My bigger question is.. will they do better than their peers who are pure deaf and those that wear hearing aids? Will they accept sign language as a 2nd language? I think that's a topic we're still facing these days.

And one last thing, I modified my blog site last night. I figured it was time for a change and seveal people have told me that it's vastly an improvement! I wish I could improve on the other templates, but this will have to do for now.

Well, I'll let ya go. Till next time.. Semper FI.


Jim said...

As for your personal life, it is nobody business to judge you for who you are. I know very well you are a good Christian person regardless what other thinks. Shame on others who makes jokes and for those porn they send you. None of it that you discribe is down right funny.

As for your thoughts about CI, I totally agree with you. Even if the Child gets CI and takes the hearing aid off, the child will still be deaf. I hope the parents realize that CI won't change the child deaf world completely. I think they should realize the CI technology won't be perfect or that someday the child will be angry for bein force to wear CI.

Susan said...

I agree with your idea on CI