Friday, January 25, 2008

my mistake! Never help out a Nemesis

G'day Everyone!

You know, there's typical Ridorism out there. I was doing him a nice favor of a typical "welcome back" to him by showing his site and bringing a little traffic his way. Well, sorry to say this folks, it was a mistake! MY mistake. NOT one of my better days.

When he insults me, I take it pretty personal. Would I want to do anything with Ridor? Even kissing his butt? I don't think so! Bleah. He's a sour and bitter lemon man that he's ever been since he's been trying to "shock jock" everyone.

Ridor ought to realize, that in the world of professional theater and the movie industry, people like Heath Ledger have to take a questionable role in a movie or theater show that might compromise their faith and upset the Christian Community. They have to do it because it keeps their name and face in front of OTHER directors to notice them while they earn money!

But I feel a sense of sorrow when Ridor mentions of a dream that Heath was a beau for him. Know what, Ridor? Nope. Never will happen! Heath Ledger was straight as an arrow and he was a very doting daddy!! So keep dreaming, Ridor! Heath is now out of every gay man's reach! (Rest in peace, Heath)

I want to say something positive about Heath Ledger. He was a very versatile actor! He's good at what he can do. Look at all his movie accomplishments:
2001: "A knight's tale" (excellent work as I've seen it).
2005: "Brokeback Mountain" (I haven't seen it, but I'm sure it's one of the best movies that shows him he could have a gay life IF HE WANTED TO! But then again, remember, he's done that part because he needed the money.).
"Lords of Dogtown (wuff, haven't seen it but ought to be good to watch).
"The Brothers Grimm" (ah, my favorite movie. WAY EXCELLENT MOVIE!)

Now coming in 2008 (if they ever decide to honor Heath Ledger in this movie he just worked in) " The Dark Knight"! The sequel to "Batman Begins" movie. This next movie, he plays as Batman's Nemesis: The Joker! I took one look at that face of his on the CNN web site and OMG.. Heath has just outdone Jack Nicholson who was the previous joker in another batman movie.

Fame is one thing to have for many performers, but it's not always that good. Some performers tend to go down right bad when fame goes to their head.

I will say this: If producers and directors are looking for a deaf character for their show or movie, they ought to look the deaf community! But it's no justice for a hearing director for making the deaf community look bad if they mis-interpet the deaf community itself in their show or movie. Outrage by us, in the deaf community? Where is it? Or are we ,a closed deaf society that says we don't work with our hearing counterparts. like we say we are willing to?

How about a pure example of the deaf community working with a hearing company?
I give high marks to the NAD for helping The PepsiCo to produce a Superbowl commercial! I saw a clip of it and I say OOOHH YEAH!! OUR TIME HAS COME!! But there's nothing wrong for a company using deaf people or disabled people in a commercial or a show, just as long as it's been done in a respectable way! That makes me questions the motivations of the producers and directors of every movie studio and theater of how they want to show the deaf in some type of light. Stephen King's movie: "The Stand" was very questionable.

Anyhow, the next time I think of directing some kindness and some traffic to Ridor, I'll bang my head on the wall for a long damn while. Stupidity? No. Just one of my days I try to be a kind friend to person like Ridor. May God judge him. That's all I can say about him. I'll continue to be kind to others, but never again for Ridor. He's just lost it.

So I'll just say my "Semper Fi " for the NAD today. Great job!


Mikey said...

I'm usually quiet when I lurk at your blog but this time I need to speak up.

Heath Ledger did not take the role in Brokeback Mountain because he needed the money. That was wrong. He took the role because it was the character of LIFETIME and it is the most daring role ever happen to any actor (gay or straight regardless) This movie is definitely going down in history as the most thought-provoking classic.

For you to imply that he took the role because he needed money makes it sound like he was desperate. You didn't do him any justice. Because Health took this role and many other memorable roles, he goes down as one of the Hollywood's Hottest Actors but unfortunately left us way too soon.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to speak here.

Sherlock Steve said...

you are welcome for the opportunity to speak. I know what I posted makes him look desperate. But, in a economic world of performing in theaters and movies, thousands of people are in a huge competition for a part that only a lucky person would get.

However, I will say that I agree with you on what Heath did was worth the risk of his career. I think it's great that he could do it and still make a few more shows before he passed on.

Again thank you! SALUTE!

Jim said...

Don't ever trust Ridor. I am
sorry to hear that you learned that the hard way. I hope one day Hollywood puts you up on the screen Sherlock. You deserve a chance.

Bob Williams said...

Eidor, Ridor, Ridor,

Welcome back, all the troubles you have gone through must been bitter for you and I understand that. Neither you thinks I know you or not…… One thing I can tell you for sure, your life can be corrupted even worst from this day and beyond. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN, According to the Bible as the Word of God, Numbers 32:23, "But if ye will not do so, behold, ye have sinned against the Lord: and be sure your sin will find you out." If you want continue begging for money and try to pay back the “IOU” as you proclaim to say, be my guest because the worst haven’t come to you yet. God doesn’t need the truth to find you out but WE, THE PEOPLE on Earth can find the Truth from YOU, Ridor.

That all for now,

Bob Williams

OCDAC said...

A lotta people who spend a lotta blogging hours kissing the the ground ridor walks on seem to be finding their mistakes the hard way!