Monday, January 7, 2008

Ranting along with Micah Brown!

G'day Everyone!

Once more, I have enjoyed the wonder works of Micah Brown's blog: Micah's Brain ( ). The man does write a good political point.

But I want to make a few things clear.

For starters: the political race is already under way. The contest is very important to almost everyone. But not everyone supports all of the candidates out there. Lots of ugly faces. None of them have not caught a favorable interest in me. BUT, one point I want to say clearly : I DO NOT WANT HILLARY CLINTON TO WIN! This is extremely important. I don't want History to read the following American Presidents : After Reagan , Bush I , followed by Clinton I , Then Bush II , and lastly Clinton II. Does that look good to you? I don't think so. It looks like a damn rerun story of nearly everything! We don't need that.

I'm not saying that I don't want Hillary Clinton to be President because she's a woman. But, lots of questions remains of how her husband Bill Clinton acted as President while in office. Many more people have a bigger concern that she could name her husband to a Federal Judgeship while in office, even to the high court! That's scary and worrisome.

You know what? There were some good possible laws that were debated that would have helped the Gay and Lesbian community. It was the Matthew Sheppard Act Hate Crimes bill. I was astounded that Bush, who had ridden twice on the coattails of the Gay Community to Presidential win, has betrayed the Gay Community many times over. Will the Gay and Lesbian community support another presidential candidate? Seriously, NO. No matter how many promises a candidate says, trust is already gone. Bush has already proved that.

But also in the same political stance, there were some also possible good laws that would have helped the deaf and disabled community to gain better employment as well.

Lastly, I want to end my rant with a clear picture for the Supreme Court. Since the death penalty is being reviewed, many of the criminal cases that involve the convictions ending in death penalty need to be carefully examined and looked at fully. These are cases in the years of 1970s to 1990s. There's progress being made of checking people who were convicted of crimes, but DNA wasn't checked. Now they are and people are being freed from prison based on that. We need clear convictions. But not convictions where prosecutors and cops rush for convictions by illegal means. That's not the honor of law. Every judge would be pissed if they learn they have to overturn such convictions. Judges are honor bound by the law. Even so, I wish every prosecutors and cops start to learn to treat the law with fairness and criminals with rights.
Justice and Judgement are weighed in FAIR BALANCE. But Evil Justice and BAD Judgement is ethically and morally wrong.

Let's hope 2008 is a FAIR and JUST political year.

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Jim said...

Again, I would say every President has done good and bad things for the United States. I am glad it is a fresh start honestly without President Bush or that I am more than grateful that Mr. Richard Cheney has not yet become a replacement President for President Bush. I would never trust Mr. Cheney to run the country. I also don't want to see Hillary Clinton become the President of the United States. She would bring more damage than good to the United States. If she wanted my vote, she should public apology for her lying about the White Water Papers in the White House. She denied knowing how they got there. Other than Hillary Clinton, I hope a Candidate wins in November that bring better things for the people in the United States.