Monday, January 7, 2008

Penn State gets it's Chrstmas wish!

G'day Everyone!

For all of us PSU fans, Yes, that's us of Penn State fans, have watched history being made.. again!
Our main and bitter rival, Ohio State University (OSU-buckeyes) was defeated tonight by Louisiana State University (LSU-Tigers). The final score 38-24!! For many of the PSU fans, we thank LSU for stopping OSU from gaining the National Champions Title, again! (this is the 2nd year OSU has tried for National Championship. At the same time.. Ohio State gets knocked off it's #1 rank and LSU takes it in pride of being number 1 now.

Ever since OSU came through PSU's playground, we, the fans, have bitched the day of the way OSU played PSU. We have bitched and complained. We have hated OSU ever since as well. Finally, all of our prayers have been rewarded. LSU stopped the run of OSU. Outfoxed the defense of OSU.

So LSU, enjoy being national champions. We thank you to humble the mighty OSU that once said "National Champions will BE OURS! NONE SHALL STAND IN OUR WAY!!". Well, they hadn't counted on a #2 road block. DENIED!

And LSU.. get ready.. PSU is going to rock THIS FALL! Syracuse ORANGEMEN are coming back for another season! Break out the Paterno ties! PSU vs SU soon! Hooray! Will there be a PSU National Champion? Some day. :-)

Again, good job LSU TIGERS!!


Anonymous said...

PSU Sucks!

Jim said...

For your information, I don't even think Penn State can beat LSU. The football teams from the Southern States are tough to beat. I wasn't surprise OSU loss. Penn State may have gotten their wish, but be careful for what it is asking for because sooner or later, they will regret it.