Thursday, January 24, 2008

The nemesis is coming back!/ Deaf Clubs

G'day everyone!

Wow! Gotta love DeafRead! Otherwise, I would have never found out that RIDOR IS COMING BACK! Quick, dig the fox holes! Man the BLOG GUNS! Build the cyber sandbags! Prep for new blog wars! Actually, I'm kidding. Just prep the pop corn machines.

Ridor's actually a pretty interesting read. Though he may be a shock jock, but he just doesn't owe people of his reasons why his blog has been off-line. My hope is that he has made it a worthwhile time of preparations and redesigning his site and coming back up. It will be interesting to see it happen. Should I hype it? Nah. I'm prepping for the popcorn dramas. :-)

Here's info of what's going on:
Just one hitch, when does he come back on line? My bet is, January 31, 2008. The blogsphere won't be the same again for a while.

There's an article that I saw about Deaf Clubs in Kokonut pundit's blog :

That brought back memories for me. My hometown used to have a wonderful deaf club. We used to be a mainstay fixture at the Montoursville fall festival. We were famous for selling fudge every year. We always sold out before the 3 day festival was over.
But our deaf club did not survive long. After more than so many years, the numbers of membership fell because the same people kept getting elected every year. It took a brave member of the deaf club in one meeting to finally say that mounting bills and financial problems were the main reasons to propose for the deaf club's closure. But some say that the lack of the leadership out of the same people every year was the real reason.
When ever I pass my old deaf club building, it amazes me to watch it being turned into a family home. It's a hard thing to see.

Some deaf people still gather once a month in a community somewhere and have an ASL night at Boarders bookstore. It's kind of a way to reconnect with everyone while it's not a deaf club but free social networking.

To those deaf clubs still in existence: Do all that you can to stay there and be alive and a beacon to the rest of the deaf community, no matter what happens!

So, have a great semper FI week!

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Jim said...

I read the link to the website by Ridor as he wrote about his website is coming back. But one thing very interesting, he plan on having 4 different writers on his website beside his writing as well. It sounds like he is trying to make it a company webpage or that he does not feeling like writing and lets other write on his blog. That is my opinion, but I wish him luck when Ridors come back online.