Thursday, January 17, 2008

John McCain, for President?

G'day everyone!

First off, I had an e-mail that said that we should NOT vote for John McCain because of his past involvement on I. King Jordan's Board of Trustees of Gallaudet University.
To be honest to say this: I wish John McCain would explain his own actions about WHY he supported every decision that was approved and guided by I. King Jordan "for" the Gallaudet University campus. It would have been a very helpful thing if John McCain had broken away from the BOTS and explained away every action that the GU BOTS and Jordan had done. That would have gotten him the very support he would get from the Deaf and Hard of hearing community. But unfortunately, his own actions of what he's done, including withdrawing AFTER the fall-out leads that he's not a Presidential candidate that cares for the very minority community: the disabled community.
John McCain may be one of the political candidates, but I would NOT even consider throwing support for him. If he had been honest with all of us, then we'd be happy.

Meanwhile,in my hometown of my beloved Williamsport, PA, I have good news for ANYONE that's driving up from Gallaudet to RIT/NTID area on Route 15. The NEW market street bridge is finally completed! Though it's been open for a few months, the construction company was ahead of schedule. So they're just in the wrap up process right now. Also, anyone driving up on Route 15 north (near the NY border area) is advised to take caution as there will be several construction projects going on as well. Penn DOT is trying to bring certain parts of the Route 15 area from a former two lane country road and rebuild it into INTERSTATE standards route.
also, be advised (again) that parts of route 15 will soon be renamed into the future route I-99 road. Don't forget, do not speed in a construction zone in PA! The fines are HIGHER than you think and the points on your driver's license is more than you can handle! OK?

Have a semper FI day!


mishkazena said...

I agree. As a BoT member, he wasn't loyal to Gallaudet, but its president. AS a result, he had created a tremendous amount of damage to Gallaudet due to his dereliction of duty

Jim said...

Beside, when two people on BoT was member of the Congress, what are they doing when IK Jordan screwed up Gallaudet? They never checked his work or never even watch if IKJ funded training for the Security Police at Gallaudet? I would not vote for John McCain since he never did care about what was going on at Gallaudet. I hope the new BoT watches how the next President runs Gallaudet and do their job right. If not. BoT should get booted as well.

Mark Walter said...

We really have to take into consideration if any board member where there is no financial interest are really paying any attention to anything that is going on in which they are a member of. I can point out a number of non-profit organization that have board members and there will be only a small percent do pay attention. However if the person is a member of the board of a for-profit corporation with money in the company, then I'm sure more attention would be given.
From my understanding and forgive me if I don't have any other additional information, is that John McCain clearly states he believed the selection of the next president of the University was the most qualified person to lead.
And I truely believe him to be the best person to be the commander in chief based on the current diplomatic relations we have with a number of countries around the world. The rest of the candidates are mostly "soft" and I worry about the security of the United States of America. I wouldn't want to see another 9/11.

Anonymous said...

McCain HAD the opportunity to hear the issues surrounding the protest. There were numberous apointments made with the Senator and his representatives by Deaf students, their families, and other leaders in the Deaf community. Yet, he didn't listen. It seems he relied on the false representations by the media! Did you know that Gallaudet paid millions of dollars to a popular PR firm to come in a deal with the media to keep the truth out of the public eye!!?? Shame on IKJ!!

Nonetheless, McCain has prooven that he is unable to represent the best interests of his constituants in that situation. How can we expect him to hear the needs and desires not only of the Deaf or disabilities communities, but Americans at large? We cannot trust him with this responsibility.

Who can we trust, you may ask?? Mike Huckabee. If you are a Republican, and are looking for the best candidate, look into Huckabee.