Sunday, January 13, 2008

Blogs, blogs.. and more BLOGS!!

G'day Everyone!

I did not make this year's Deaf Read blog awards. Sad about why one person has kept attacking me so much! What have I ever done to that person or PERSONS? Even so, I realize my site needs MORE improvement in this coming year. Lot's of work to be done on my blogspot. so be prepared folks! Changes are going to look better. (I hope). Plus, I just want to thank that certain "person" as there for the "help" of my previous blog and this current one.

Meanwhile: For those who are interested to know about the 2007 DeafRead nominees for the 2007 DeafRead Blog awards:

Which reminds me, I was kind of astounded that Ridor wasn't even one of the mentionable this year. Maybe his ego FINALLY popped? WOW!!
here's another info that I just found on DEAFREAD!!
and the related article that Kokonut Pundit was talking about:
IN OTHER WORDS: PAY ATTENTION EVERYONE! (YES, THAT INCLUDES YOU IN THE HEARING AUDIENCE!! ) Read the Washington Post very carefully. I mean EXTREMELY careful. If this new law does come to pass.. then you better put your "toys" away and focus on driving!!
Attention to my fellow NTID/RIT ALUMNI: NTID 40th REUNION Anniversary is coming up!!
For all the details: Follow up on that once a week! So we're calling all of the alumni 1967 to the present time to COME to this event! Hope to see everyone there! :-)
and so.. that is for the wrap.
Hey.. don't forget to vote for your favorite 2007 DeafRead award winner, Go vote at DEAFREAD.COM!
Semper FI!
Update: By the way everyone, once in a while, go by this site: Heck even Micah Brown ought to go there! I loved 3 movies: 2-0-5, Nuthing Futs!, and In 2007. Look for them you'll go laughing. Ah Bushie, you were always an entertainer!


Truth567 said...

it just shows you- instead of taking responsiiblity for YOUR mistakes-you blames others. If you had stopped making crazzy-off the wall comments (and done you homework- like a real Sherlock does) about Gallaudet ,none of this would have happened!

you will be hearing from the FCC soon.-BYE BYE,JERK!

Gallaudet Protest Legal Issues said...

"Truth" [sic]

Stop talking nonsense!

You're making an idiot out of yourself. The FCC has no authority over whether Steve blocks comments.


Anonymous said...

I love it.
It's Elementary.

Jim said...

Truth - Sherlock had every rights to post how he felt about the Protest and his view and so on. You are the one that start the problem. You are the one that don't accept other people opinion and their view on the Protest. He had the rights to call the Protester Losers. Well, guess what. I do agree with him about saying that. I also did not support the protesters. Get FCC, in Court I will tell them that the problems lies with you. Why? Because you are the one that start the war with Sherlock all he did was post his view and you went after him telling him he got his facts wrong and so on. Did he ask you to correct him? Did he ask you to harrass him on his block? No. He never did. He was title to his opinion either you like it or not. Good luck in court with FCC. As far as I can tell, Sherlock did not violate any rights because he has the right to do what he did.

Sherlock Steve said...

Message to TRUTH567, aka "THE TRUTH".

I've gone to the home page of the FCC. That link is:

So, I care that YOU, yes YOU!, post here and show all of us, and I MEAN ALL OF US!!, and I WILL APPROVE IT!!, of your post of where you can PROVE with-in the FCC has authority to shut down Blogs and Vlogs on the webpages.

I'm posting this because it's now time to show what you know of the FCC. Your "professor RG" (on mac) says you know and believe FCC has that right. So now it's your time to "shine". Show us.

Sherlock Steve said...

After waiting for a time for a response from "Truth567", I took matters into my own hands.

I have posted an email to the today. I have asked a crucial question. I have felt that it was necessary to gather information. When I get this response, it will be posted for all, even for "truth567" to read it.

It's time for a proof!