Sunday, January 13, 2008

Gallaudet's Other Tent City (the next part)

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I put my VP into a HOLD and I knew I had to fire up my blogspot again. This time, I'm a little perturbed at Jamie Burke.
Read her Saturday's post (January 12):

There's one thing I really want to make clear. Though I do agree some homeless people are mentally ill people, you really have to approach them with extreme caution. NOT EVERY ONE OF THEM IS A TAME HOMELESS PERSON!!

Let me a tell you a few DANGEROUS incidents about homeless people from what I heard:

Ten years ago, I knew a wonderful hearing friend of mine, in his late teen years, was a bi-sexual person. He didn't mind helping all kinds of people. But, one very incident changed his life completely.
He was helping a homeless man one late fall warm day. He was providing him some cigarettes. But then the next thing he knew, the homeless man had grabbed him and dragged my friend to a seldom used part of the garage. The next 4 hours, as my friend told me, were his "hell" hours as this homeless man gay raped him. When the homeless man got finished, my friend had passed out and woke up 2 hours later. Police came and took my friend to the hospital. Though he gave a police report, police had no luck trying to find this guy. To this day, I'm angry for what this homeless guy had done had done to my friend.

When I meet my friend, he was a totally changed STRAIGHT man. Though he got married and has kids, he still has nightmares. I still want to find this homeless guy and put him behind bars myself. He doesn't deserve to walk any street, knowing that he's committed some violent crime against a trusting person.

Another incident that I happened to be involved in was when one late night out with some friends at Union Station. I hated to walk back to Gallaudet and would have opted to take cab, like I suggested. There was this drunken homeless guy who kept pushing me to give him money. I got way angry with him. Finally, I yelled at him and said " IF you bother me again, the Wrath of God shall fall upon you!!".
Needless to say, here he came again at me!! So I switched my voice to throwing it (I love theater stuff and the walls outside Union Station make a good echo). I played into the role of "God" and told the homeless man as I threw my voice to the walls: " YOU THERE!". Homeless man looks around shocked, but I had ducked right around the corner just in time to get away from him but kept watch. "Do you know you got warned not to purse that person?" Homeless man: "who are you???". I went: "I am the Lord GOD and I am ANGRY and FULL OF WRATH! I know what you were about to do to that person you chased!". By this time, this guy is shaking like a leaf.
On I go: "Now thy bottle of wine is CURSED! If you drink it again, you shall fall dead from poisons of snakes and spiders venom in it!!".
Needless to say, the homeless guy takes one look at his brown wine bottle bag in his hand and drops it!
"Good! NOW GO away. LEAVE.. LEAST I STRIKE YOU DOWN WHERE YOU STAND!!", I said. By this moment, the homeless guy got spooked and ran away from Union Station all the way up Mass. Avenue. My friend looked at me like I just played Charles Heston from the 10 commandments movie. We had a shocked moment and then laughed.. then thanked God to get out of that dangerous situation.

A few years ago, in my town of Williamsport, PA. We had a homeless man that would "preached" every day that former historical hotel was a place for sinful sexual and drug activity going on around there. Most of knew that he a mentally ill person and thought he was harmless. I was part of a group that had planned to take some interior pictures of the historical building before it was torn down to make room for a new complex.
Needless to say, the night before our planned survey of the building, this homeless man had gone in and spread gasoline through out the entire building as much as he could. He torched the place which set off a 4 alarm fire blaze. While he held the fire and police department at bay, preventing them from putting the fire out, he was tackled and eventually hand cuffed. He shouted with glee that he gave the fire enough time to burn and that the building was coming down.
He got convicted in court and was ordered to a psych ward in the prison for the rest of his life. Some say it was cruel, but others say that it was justice that needed to be done to protect the people. We were not able to save much of the historical aspect of the building. It was all razed and became a parking lot.

So, in some ways, I agree with Jamie about the homeless living so close to a elementary school and Gallaudet University. I urge people in this very area to have extreme caution around homeless.

To be honest, our nation is not very much forgiving on homeless people. Granted we ought to a lot more for them. Especially our veterans of wars as well.


Semper FI.

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Jim said...

Bravo for playing God against the Homeless man. I have walked back to Gallaudet from Union Station one night myself. I never counter any homeless people but I once walked through a pack of strike people on H Street. I forget what they were on strike for. They were very friendly to me. I was able to walk back to Gallaudet safe that night. For any students who have to go from Union Station to Gallaudet, either you walk with another person back to Gallaudet or take a cab. It is not safe to walk around DC among the homeless people. It is better to be safe than sorry instead of messing around with the homeless people in DC.