Thursday, January 31, 2008

The last day of January!

G'day Everyone!

It's the last day of the first month of 2008! Amazingly, it's been a rough one. We're all dealing with snow and cold in various places. Ugh. Makes me wish that my home just had a fireplace and I wish I would be sitting by one RIGHT NOW! (but that may well change in a year!). Where you all live, becareful out there! I mean it! No sense in getting killed if you don't have to be somewhere! (Florida, like you don't have any political delegates at all, yer exempted from this mess).

This weekend is the ULTIMATE HYPE WEEKEND! It starts today, Thursday. Many people are out shopping today (including me) to pick up stuff to stock up before this storm runs through my hometown. Of course, we're all prepared for the storm. I can't wait to try out my new snow blower! I already tweaked the engine for extra snow throwing power. *evil laugh* That boy across my street has no idea what I'll do to his car. I'll bury his car in SNOW!! *LAUGHING* So I'm prepared for a snow war!

Anyhow, a lot of us drivers..ooops, I should say a lot of us "party people" ought to be aware of police departments in many states are running *MORE DUI* check points this weekend, in some places it will start tonite (it does in my area) and continues until Monday. But I want to encourage drivers that if you plan to drink, drink no more than one glass. Other wise, be smart. Get a hotel room for the night. A DUI conviction is NOT worth the risk to have on your driving record. FYI: make sure you got your driver's license and Insurance cards with you in that car in case you get stopped!
Over all, People, who plan to party for Mardi Gras and Super Bowl Sunday, I urge them to please drink in a responsible way. Me, I'll be sticking to non-alcoholic drinks!

Friday is our first Friday of the LOVE month of February! It'll be an interesting day because it kicks off the two day Mardi Gras weekend. Saturday, (depending on how bad it snows in my area) will be the ultimate party weekend. I'll be touring around downtown Williamsport that evening, all covered up in my coat. It's suppose to get REAL COLD here.

Sunday, I plan to head to my favorite bar that I haven't been to in ages. Yes, only because they got a BIG SCREEN TV. I'm going to be rooting for the NY Giants and hope that they BEAT the New England Pats for sure. But a lot of the predictions says NE will be the Giants and boast of how Ultimately good they are. But stay glued to the TV folks. The ultimate game of the year will tell who wins and who loses. Only one problem: If the NE Pats do an overkill of scoring early in the game, like they have in the past before half-time, the bar just might empty out.
My good friend, Pat, who runs this bar, said that he's making back up plans in case things go in a bad way. Pat and I got a bet going on. Not gonna tell what it is. But should I win, I'll be happy!

Meanwhile, I wanted to say a few things before anything else happens.
DPN 20 post. I really didn't want to make any comment on it because it's going to be a long month before it arrives. 20 years after the REAL protest at Gallaudet does make a difference in our deaf education!

I'm not going to say much of what's been posted over in the Macgyver bond site. But to simply say that it's a closed chapter of a long running battle between a user and I. So, please don't ask me about it.

Lately, I'm impressed of two users, who have visited my site here, have become some great friends of mine. One has kept in touch via Email and another has become a wonderful friend on my VP! Who they are? I'm not saying. Just saying a "SALUTE" to you both! How did they get in touch with me? Figure it out!

Lastly, I'd like ask all of you to please continue to pray for a friend of mine, who's in critical condition in a DC hospital. The news isn't good. God's in control. So please pray for him. Many thanks.

So, till next time.. SEMPER FI to the weekend!

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