Sunday, October 26, 2014

The VIRUS problem in the USA and the world today.

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Today's problem in this world: THE VIRUS PROBLEM.
Diseases which are actually viruses makes us sick in this world. Diseases do come from animals and humans alike.
In the 6000 years, mankind has seen many different diseases out there. But none so dangerous like AIDS / HIV that showed up in the early to mid 1980s. For a while, it was supposed be a deadly disease through sex. Yes, many people died from that disease. AIDS / HIV is still with us today, but people are more careful and more educated about this disease. However, we come to question why science and research are not solving the AIDS / HIV crisis like they should have ages ago?

Recently, in Africa, another deadly disease has broken out. It's called EBOLA. From what I heard, it's the bleeding death disease that can kill a human being with in 21 days. It's a very painful way of dying. Much worse than AIDS / HIV.

Yet, we've asked our President Obama to please secure our borders against illegal immigrants who have brought in scores of different diseases between the spring and summer of this year. Now, we've asked again to secure the borders so that people with Ebola would not come in and infect our citizens of our nation.

Both times, President Obama has refused. However, he ordered homeland security to SCREEN for sick people coming from Africa. That's how the first death from an Ebola patient that came to our nation back from Africa and lying about his health. When he learned he might be dying, he went to a hospital in Texas for help. But instead, they didn't figure out he was an Ebola case. He was sent away with medicines that wouldn't help. 2 days later, he returns and worse than sick. That moment, the patient had passed the time his cure could have helped him and died.

But some people have been CURED of Ebola with a drug that helps!! But it's not the final cure of a drug yet.  It's still being "tested".  But how firm will a cure be for Ebola when there is NO cure for AIDS / HIV?  Some say AIDS / HIV is more complicated than Ebola.

AIDS /  HIV has been around longer than Ebola. But the question is, how much more worse will the Ebola virus infect people out there? A firestorm has already started in some states. But the question is, can it be contained quicker than what is happening in Africa?

Truth is, a secured nation is a healthy nation. As soon it will be November 4th, the election will test the democrats and see how much of a win it will be. I'm not a fan of the republicans. But given of how politics are right now, anything can happen.

By 2015, many of these issues of 2014 spill over into the coming 18 months before the next presidential election. 2 issues will be a very tough debate: Secured borders and illegal immigration.

When 2016 hits, whoever replaces Obama will have series of tasks of fixing our nation.  It will not be easy because of the legacies of Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama will stay for decades until some time in the future when the next leader of the nation will fix everything to save our country. By then most of us will be long gone.

But at the present, pray for our nation and it's people. Pray that we all stay healthy.

Until next post, may you have a wonderful FALL HARVEST WEEK!!.

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