Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Don't leave a PADLOCK on the Brooklyn Bridge!!

G'day Everyone and Readers:

Everyone has a romantic wish when they visit the bridges of NY. Especially the Brooklyn Bridge!!

Read this article:

As you read this article, you had better be fore warned: Don't put any more padlocks on the Brooklyn Bridge.  While it seems romantic to many people to want to seal their love on the Brooklyn bridge as a couple by locking a padlock on the bridge, but many people do not realize the danger and the possible damages they are doing to the bridge out there.

The only one way that the New York City officials may have to do is to pass a law against putting a padlock on a bridge. Then to start putting up cameras on the entire bridge and then start watching for people putting up a lock on the bridge itself. Then they start arresting people and putting their names in the news papers. After many arrests and lawsuits, the message will be clear: The Brooklyn Bridge is a landmark that should NOT be PADLOCK DEFACED!

Besides, the more metal that is on a bridge, the more likely it will attract a major lightning strike that could cause a major damage.

So please, do New York City a favor: Keep the Brooklyn Bridge free of padlocks. 
If you really do want to seal your romantic life on the Brooklyn Bridge, ask someone to take a picture of you as a couple that are kissing on the Brooklyn Bridge.


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